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The Phoenix Catamaran is a compact and intimate liveaboard that will take you on the best diving adventures in the Bahamas. You can enjoy this experience with your family or close friends because the Phoenix can accommodate up to 8 guests. You will have air-conditioning, a generator, a diving compressor, and diving tanks do make every dive more convenient. You will also have the opportunity to visit the secluded beaches that are filled with rare animals and white sandy beaches.

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Reasons to buy:

  • check-mark
    Many people were happy with the intimate dives all around the Bahamas
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    A couple of divers noted that the two dive instructors gave thorough briefings that were to the point
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    Divers said that diving with the sharks was a highlight of the trip

Reasons NOT to buy:

  • check-markA couple of people said that the food was subpar and there wasn’t enough to fill their stomach
  • check-markSome divers said they did not complete all of the dives that was promised to them

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Phoenix in the Bahamas 

Phoenix liveaboard

With the Phoenix liveaboard, you can expect to be treated like a king or queen with an attentive and diligent crew. 4 comfortable cabins accommodate 8 guests. The liveaboard has a length of 1369 meters/4491 feet and is in immaculate condition. You will find the Phoenix uses 2 x 57 PS (Diesel) engines that create smooth sailing in any condition. There are about 250 dive sites that include drift, wrecks, walls, caves and blue holes. This liveaboard delivers an overall experience to divers that will make you come back for more every season.

Interior and features

Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you won’t have a comfortable double bed to sleep on. The four cabins can house 8 guests are air-conditioned. The cabins also have private bathrooms with hot showers to keep you refreshed daily.

There is also a small lounge that doubles as a dining area where all the meals will be served. You will also have great views overlooking the ocean and surroundings. On the top deck, you can have meals el fresco style in comfortable seating. There is also a shaded sun deck where you can gather with the rest of the guests for a chat.

Dive deck on the liveaboard

The dive deck is small and there will always be a crew member to give you a helping hand. You will get to dive up to 19 times per trip. The dinghy will transport you to and from all the great dive spots that the divemaster has pre-selected. There is also a compressor on board the liveaboard with gear rental.

Food on the Phoenix liveaboard

Your taste buds are in for a treat on the Phoenix liveaboard with a mixture of international and Bahamian cuisines. You will be served various dishes that include barbeque, baked, fried or boiled. You will be served three meals a day along with fantastic snacks that include fruit platters, sandwiches, fish, and savory items. The chef also caters to special dietary requirements as long as you provide these before the trip starts.

Itinerary and best time to go

On this voyage, you will get to travel to places like the Lost Blue Hole, Amberjack, the Austin Smith Wreck and various pristine dive sites filled with beautiful corals. The dive sites in the Bahamas are filled with a diverse range of sharks that you will encounter namely black nose sharks, nurse sharks, and reef sharks. The great thing about the Bahamas is that you can dive here all year round evens in the winter. If you are looking for some white tip shark it is advisable to go between March-June when they are at their most abundant.

Where to book:

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