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The most stunning Galapagos adventure won’t be complete without a trip with Ocean Spray! The 34 meter (113 feet) luxury boat was built to provide comfort and convenience to all of its guests. It caters to a maximum of 16 guests, providing them with large spaces to rest in its 9 spacious cabins. Guests may choose from a range of 4 to 15 day itineraries, depending on their preference. Nevertheless, the captain and its crew members will surely assist the guests to have a wonderful Galapagos adventure regardless of the itineraries they choose.

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Reasons to buy:

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    Many divers said that the Catamaran offered a well planed itinerary that explored most of the islands.
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    Many people were happy with spacious cabins and private balconies.
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    Many divers said that this was an experience that they would repeat.
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    The food was very well prepared and offered diversity.

Reasons NOT to buy:

  • check-markSome divers said that the price was to expensive for the trip.
  • check-markA couple of people noted that not all of the crew were fluent in Spanish.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Ocean Spray in Galapagos

The Ocean Spray was introduced as a luxury yacht that offers nothing but comfort and quality services to all of its guests. It was recently renovated to be equipped with the contemporary facilities and amenities. The engines are regularly checked, which makes the boat totally in good condition at all times! It has an amazing staff that is welcoming and skilled to provide the best to every guest.

All of the cabins have their own en-suite bathroom facilities, air conditioning units, private balconies, safe storage boxes, dressers, and safe storage boxes for valuables. Ocean Spray also features a fully air-conditioned saloon that is equipped with luxurious sofas and modern entertainment facilities, as well as stunning sun decks complete with a Jacuzzi and sun loungers. The dining area allows for a spectacular view of the outside water, and guests will surely enjoy the international dishes served in buffet style!

The indoor lounge is located on the main deck, and is furnished with well-appointed wooden floors and comfortable sofas. The elegant interior and luxurious furniture could be considered 5-star quality. The windows are large and provide natural light to the area as well as panoramic views of the blue waters. There are modern entertainment facilities available in the lounge, such as a flat screen television and DVD player to name a few.

The sun deck that is located on the upper deck is large and stunning. There are luxurious sun loungers, which have their very own foams and arm rests available. Several tables and padded chairs are also available for everyone’s convenience. It serves as a view deck which will surely be a delight for the sun lovers out there. There is also a shaded area on the sun deck, perfect for people who love to spend their time outdoors without being too exposed to the sun. Finally, the striking Jacuzzi is also situated in this area.

Ocean Spray has a large porch complete with padded seating areas. Refreshing beverages are availble free of charge. The dive deck has its own platform, which facilitates for an easier getting in the water. The yacht has also safety and navigation facilities that are in line with international standards.


The 9 superb suites perfectly accommodate a maximum of 16 guests on board. There are cabins on the main deck and lower deck, but all of them are equipped with comfortable double beds, en-suite bathroom facilities, private balconies with comfortable chairs, a dresser, a sofa lounge, a table, coffee and tea facilities, an air conditioning unit, a safe storage, and so much more! The warm earth colors of the rooms are supplemented by white and blue curtains to provide that marine adventure feel.


The dining room is located on the main deck and is equipped with several wooden dining tables and padded dining chairs. The wooden floor and warm interiors perfected by the fine utensils used for dining make every meal a splendid experience. The chef onboard serves international dishes in buffet style. Surely, the dining experience onboard is always a delight!


Ocean Spray offers 4 days to 15 days itineraries to the islands of Galapagos. Some of the noteworthy destinations to visit are the Charles Darwin Research Centre to be in awe of the tortoises that Galapagos is renowned for, trekking on Santa Fe Island to get up close with land iguanas, snorkeling with sea-lions and panga rides to beautiful rocky shores to see penguins. All of these trips will be led by a Galapagos National Park certified bi-lingual guide.

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