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In 2001 Sea Serpent Fleet presented a new luxurious liveaboard – Excellence, that offers fascinating trips to the Red Sea. Spacious enough to accommodate 22 guests in 11 ultra-modern en-suite cabins with separate air conditioning and temperature-controlled systems. The alluring Excellence is designed with a teak interior and offers all the imperative amenities to its divers so that they can dive in style to the most interesting diving destinations including Red Sea marine parks and northern wrecks. You can also explore Brothers Island that features thousands of species like silvertip and grey reef sharks.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Many people were happy with the SS Thislegorm wreck dives and being able to see beautiful corals and dolphins.
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    Some people said the diving instructors delivered a well planed brief.
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Things we don't like:

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    Many people noted that there was no camera set-up table.
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    Some people were taken back by the lack of space in the dinning area as it could not accommodate all 22 divers and some had to eat at the relaxation area.
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    Some people noted that they did not have designated smoking areas on board the Excellence.
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Diving on the Excellence in Egypt

Excellence – luxurious liveaboard that elegantly sails in the Red Sea

Excellence is a 34 meter/112 feet long sumptuous liveaboard that sails in the Red Sea and offers the best diving sites of Egypt and Sudan which include Brothers, Daedalus and St. Johns. This spacious and comfy liveaboard provides astonishing dive safari adventures where the divers can explore vibrant reefs, caverns and a wide range of fish species. Diving from Excellence gives you the opportunity to discover and reach the remote diving sites where the divers can enjoy the unique marine life with the charismatic view of the crystal-clear blue water.

Boat Interior – designed with finest teak wood to give justice to the name of the liveaboard

Excellence is built in Alexandria’s best shipyard and ranked as a 5-star affluent wooden liveaboard which is designed in oak and mahogany texture. There are 11 spacious cabins with 22 berths in which 22 guests are accommodated with all the eminent facilities, making the cabins distinctively elegant. All these cabins have individual air conditioning systems with a temperature-controlled environment. The ravishing salon of Excellence is extremely commodious and fully equipped with the ultra-modern multimedia entertainment.

Deck Areas – a centre of attraction for divers

Preparing for dives is equally necessary and the dive deck is perfectly designed for it. The spacious dive deck area has plenty of space for kitting and gear storage. There is a sundeck for non-divers where they can simply relax under the shaded area or get tanned in the sun. This area is fully equipped with a couple of cushioned sun beds. The facility of Nitrox is also available for the EANx certified divers. These amenities will make your trip comfortable, safe and one of the best experiences above and under the water.

Food and Entertainment – scrumptious and energetic food to fuel the dives

The delicious and mouthwatering food will appeal every appetite. Meals are served in buffet thrice a day and cater the need of every guest on the board. There is a separate dining section which is fully air-conditioned and spacious. The menu of the cuisine consists of International food and a couple of local delicacies. Snacks, beverages, tea, coffee and biscuits are served throughout the day to ensure that no one stays hungry before or after the dives. Do not hesitate to customize your food if you have any food allergy or doing any special diet. Don’t forget that the chefs are there to serve the best for you to make you feel travelling in a healthy and friendly environment.

What time is best to go

Diving in Egypt and Sudan is possible throughout the year as the temperature of water and underwater visibility is always good to dive. The months of winter are slightly colder than other seasons and summers are at times not suitable to visualize some kind of fishes due to water temperature. If you want to value your money without compromising on the facilities than Excellence is the best option to enjoy your diving adventure in five-star comfort.

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