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The 37 meters (approx. 121 feet) Blue Seas is famous for its luxurious and elegant style. Diving in Hurghada is like a dream for every photographer as it gives maximum visibility in the crystal-clear water.
The dive adventures have a wide range of underwater landscapes, muck diving with a variety of wrecks and reefs. It assures you a trip with all the eminent facilities without compromising on quality. Blue Seas liveaboard give you an opportunity where you can explore the exhilarating sites including the Brothers Island, Elphinstone, Thistlegorm and Daedalus reef which will be an unforgettable marine adventure.

Our Overall Review


Reasons to buy:

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    Many people said they were happy with seeing whale sharks at Rocky Island and dived with dolphins in Abu Galawa Soraya-Fury Shoal.
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    Some people noted that the crew and staff were friendly and very welcoming to everyone on board.
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    Several divers reported they loved the atmosphere on the Blue Seas just sharing stories/photos and having a good chat while enjoying a beer.
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    Divers said they also saw tuna, barracuda and giant trevally.
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    Many people noted that the boat had great upper decks with more than enough space to relax.
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    Many divers said they would return given the opportunity.

Reasons NOT to buy:

  • check-markSome people noted that the briefings were a bit rushed and it felt almost like they just wanted it over and done with.
  • check-markSome divers were taken back by the lack of fish in some of the diving spots.
  • check-markA couple of people noted that the climate affected some people on board and they could not attend some of the dives.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the MY Blue Seas in Egypt

Blue Seas – a ticket to the most fascinating sites in an opulent style

Blue Seas is a 37 meter/112 feet beautiful liveaboard. It is a member of the Blue Planet Fleet. It has been offering trips in the Red Sea since 2004. Enjoy the beautiful diving escapade and unveil the treasures of the dive sites like Daedalus, Brothers and Elphinstone triangle. The moderate and elegant outlines match well with the epitome interior and layout. 20 dives in the North and the wrecks and 30 dives in the St. Johns area are scheduled for the divers.

Boat Interior – astonishing interior and fully furnished with eminent facilities.

The interior of Blue Seas is veneered with the crafting in matching walnut walls, whereas the floors are polished in maple and teak. 24 guests are accommodated in 12 deluxe cabins which are spacious enough to provide comfort and relaxation to the divers. These cabins have separate air condition systems, with an individual temperature control system, en-suite bathrooms, storage areas, towels, hot/fresh water showers, bathrobes and much more. To socialize with other divers there is a special saloon, which is comfy and packed with all the amenities.

Deck Areas – divers and non-divers both should have a good time

The twin stairs which lead towards the deck area are perfect for the divers to prepare before stepping in the marine adventure. The individual stations are lined-up with the tanks for the divers. Nitrox facility is also available for the certified divers. The lower deck has portholes which give a fascinating view of the 360-degree water surrounding. There are two spacious sun decks, which are partially covered and have lounging chairs for the divers to get relax in between their dives.

Food and Entertainment

Guests of the Blue Seas liveaboard have various options for the leisure time between dives. The guests can pass their time watching their favourite movies, listen to music or socialize with other divers. Access to the internet gives you the best option to get in touch with your friends and family when there is no other option to communicate. The charging station is also there to charge the electric gadgets. If you are a foodie, then the culinary delights of the buffet will surely touch your taste buds. The local delicacies and international cuisines made by the expert chefs will surely make you lick your fingers. Selective snacks, tea, coffee and a variety of beverages are served all day long so that no divers stay hungry after or before the meals. Don’t hesitate to mention your food allergies to the chefs to customize your food.

Which is the best time to go

You can plan your trip with the Blue Seas liveaboard in the astonishing Red Sea in any month of the year.
The water temperature differs in every month but it is always good enough for the divers to have great visibility in their diving experience. Winters are slightly colder as compared to the other seasons.

Where to book:

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