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The Raja Ampat Explorer is a traditional wooden Schooner measuring 33.52 meters or about 110 feet. It is handcrafted at the beaches of Mandala Ria using tropical hardwoods to ensure a sturdy built for cruising the Indonesian waters. Aptly called an explorer, this vessel brings its guests to the underwater paradise of Raja Ampat, where a very diverse population of marine plants and animals thrive, which makes the place a true diving safari. It is in this spot where corals, fishes, mollusks and other species of marine life thrive to make a unique marine ecosystem.

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Things we like:

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    Many people were happy with the western and Indonesian meals served by the chef.
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    Divers commended the diving master for checking out the currents before dives are attempted.
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    The crew is always friendly and willing to give you a hand.
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Things we don't like:

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    Some divers noted there was a scarcity of marine life on some locations.
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    A couple of people noted that the boat needed some maintenance.
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Diving on the MV Raja Ampat Explorer in Indonesia

The vessel is a budget-friendly liveaboard. It has several social areas where guests interact with each other. The main lounge serves as a melting pot of diving stories and experiences while some snacks and beverages are enjoyed. It also features an entertainment facility where movies can be watched too.

A library is also available where a small collection of books is available for browsing and reading. This is a great spot on the vessel where guests can wisely use their time when diving is not in the schedule.

The sun deck is where sun-loving guests can relax comfortably in the sun. Yet, there is also a shaded part with comfortable reclined lounge chairs to be used while admiring the view from afar or perhaps having some sip of your chosen cold beverage or maybe a bottle or two of beer.

Rental gear is also available on board for the guests should the need arises. For easy drop-offs and pick-ups, two diving tenders are also available.

The Cabins

Capable of accommodating 14 guests in maximum capacity, the Raja Ampat Explorer showcases 7 cabins. Guests can choose from either Double Bed or Twin Bed cabins.

All cabins have individual air conditioning with customized temperature control. Private en-suite bathrooms are also available. Each room also features portholes or windows where guests can see the outside view of the sea.

Food & Beverage

A mixture of Western and Indonesian flavors dominate the chef-prepared menu of Raja Ampat Explorer. Assuring the East meets the West, a delicate preparation of Western cuisines perfectly matches the spices of Indonesian recipes. Full meals are served in three segments – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It is served buffet style. Guests can enjoy the delicious meals at the open dining area while admiring the view created by the convergence of the sea and sky on the horizon.

In between dives, snacks are available with choices of cold and hot drinks, or even beer to match. A limited collection of fine wines is also available.

Guests with special dietary restrictions should limit their requests to those related to their religious practices or to their allergic reactions. These requests should be made in advance as soon as the guests books the cruise.


With the average cruise length of 10 nights or 11 days, the Raja Ampat Explorer mightily travels the routes of Raja Ampat, Banda Sea, Sorong, and Ambon. Inclusive of airport transfers, guests can enjoy the marine paradise offered by the diving sites of the world-famous Coral Triangle.

Aside from the wealth of corals on this part of the Indonesian archipelago, guests can also encounter sharks, dolphins, mantas, and even submerged marine species like mollusks, sponges, and other marine invertebrates.

Land excursions are also part of the itinerary. It is during these activities that guests can have the opportunity to enjoy secluded beaches. Beach barbeques are also part of this experience. In some instances, visits to tribal villages can also occur.

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