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The exclusive liveaboard Great Escape gives you an opportunity to explore the ultimate dive site Rowley Shoals located at the Kimberly Coast. This remote dive destination in Australia has much more to offer than a diver can expect including incredible diving experience with abundant fish species like giant clams, potato cod, shellfish, the Maori wrasse and over 200 vibrant coral (both soft and hard). The stunning vessel has a special buddy system, which allows every diver to dive with a buddy. This system is implemented to ensure safety along with a dive partner in the crystal-clear water.

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Things we like:

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    Many people felt the crew made the trip better and they were always helpful
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    Divers said they got to see various ship wrecks and divers corals
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    A couple of people said the land excursions revealed rock paintings and wild life sightings
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    Many people said a highlight for them was seeing the waterfall
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    The food on the liveaboard was excellent and well prepared
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    Some people stated that this is a journey that they would repeat

Things we don't like:

  • check-markA couple of people noted that the dive briefings was lacking in certain aspects

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the MV Great Escape in Australia

MV Great Escape

The 26 meters (approx. 85 feet) custom-built vessel offer a 7-night adventure to Rowley Shoals, which is made up of 3 coral atolls. They are rough of 90 sq. miles – equals to 145 sq. km, these atolls might vary in shape but the size is almost the same. Avail the opportunity to dive into the largest coral gardens with a tremendous diversity of soft and hard corals and underwater life. You can have amazing underwater visibility, which ranges from 20-30 meters. The dive sites include ‘Western Wall’ and ‘Tiger Alley’, where divers can see schools of tuna, along with numerous mackerel and codfish. Phenomenal drift dives and divers can have multiple chances to swim with the sailfish in the ‘Mermaid Channel’. The experienced divers are allowed to dive and can be left to explore on their own. Whereas, novice divers are suggested to stay closer to the divemaster.

Boat Interior

The stylish and compact vessel is built to accommodate only 14 passengers in 7 deluxe cabins. The elegance and style of the Great Escape cannot be disparaged. All the cabins feature en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning with the temperature control system, and comfortable and spacious queen-sized, walk around beds. The 4 Horizon cabins of the yacht are located on the Lower Deck and offer porthole to gaze at the astonishing views of the surrounding, mini-fridges, flat-screen LED and DVDs. The cozy queen-size beds can be separated to form twin single beds. If you need a more luxurious stay onboard than avail the 3 Panoramic View cabins, which are located on the main and upper deck of the boat.

Deck Area

The dive deck of the amazing liveaboard is well-equipped. There are plenty of dive tanks with weight, camera table and rinsing tank to wash and maintain the gadgets after dive. all the safety equipment is provided to every diver and the boat follows a buddy rule, which allows the diver to dive with a partner. Heading towards the sundeck will let you spend your time after an action-packed dive. it has plenty of deck chairs and sun loungers to get relaxed and have a power nap in the fresh sea breeze.

Food and Entertainment

The major communal area of the alluring liveaboard MV Great Escape is the cozy dining/lounge area. it is well-furnished with plenty of comfortable seating, which allows all divers to sit at once for mealtime and no one has to wait for the turn. The meals are served in a buffet style with the menu of International, Italian and local cuisines on the list. There is an entertainment room for your convenience. The Great Escape vessel swags to maintain a strict rule onboard, which everyone on the yacht has to follow. The rule says, “Stop the work and resume the fun”.

When to go

Although Australia is a dive friendly destination by land and water both. But the MV Great Escape offers from October to December. Plan your dive cruise adventure with the exclusive liveaboard to the best dive site of the Australian coastline and get a chance to discover the diver marine life with around 650 fish species and 200 coral species.

Where to book:

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