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Few countries have a legendary history, cultural charm, and contrasting natural phenomena comparable to those of Egypt. The Red Sea, with its incredible diversity of colorful corals in crystal clear water and light, doesn’t fail to fascinate people who venture beneath its surface. We present you the MV Miss Nouran, the ultimate Egyptian liveaboard to explore some of the most beautiful and breathtaking diving sites in the world. This will be an exceptional cruise for diving enthusiasts and offers you the chance to admire a stunning and varied seabed, shipwrecks, coral reefs and a whole palette full of colors for an unforgettable adventure!

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Things we like:

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    Many people said the secluded nature of the dives brought the beautiful colors and marine life out in the most spectacular way.
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    Some divers said they were in awe of the diverse marine life that included sharks, mantas and schools of fishes of different varieties.
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    Divers also stated that the instructors were knowledgeable and knew where the clearest and pristine diving locations were located.
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    The crew was welcoming and brought the whole of the boat to life with their charisma and attitude.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markMany people stated that the food was not that spectacular and was blend.
  • check-markSome people said they had some ruff seas on some days.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Miss Nouran in Egypt

The Red Sea is a real heaven for divers. If you want to maximize the number of dives, discover the best sites of Egypt without wasting any time, Miss Nouran is by far the best solution. The MV Miss Nouran was built in Alexandria, Egypt, tailor-made for diving. Equipped with the latest technology of safety and navigation as well as 600hp engines, the ship allows a dive-cruise with complete peace of mind. This modern and newly renovated liveaboard offers its guests the possibility to dive in incredible world-famous sites such as Fury Shoals, Tiran Straits, Daedalus, and St Johns. They make amazing diving spots for the clarity and amazing color of water but also for the incredible wildlife and the huge variety of fish species. The pleasant temperatures are an asset. In fact, the sun shines almost constantly, expect some fresh wind in the evenings and that’s all. Between May and October the temperature of the surface water oscillates between 23 ° C and 29 ° C making the Red Sea a delight for divers.

Vessel features

MV Miss Nouran is a 30 meter / 99 feet long vessel, custom built for diving. The beautiful liveaboard belongs to the famous Sea Serpent fleet; it offers scuba diving cruises on the Red Sea. The proposed itineraries include the some of the nicest dive sites in the Red Sea, and are mainly departing from Port Ghalib and Hurghada. The diving platform is spacious and very well organized. Plus, the experienced guides are there to help, so the dive operation runs efficiently. In addition, you will find plenty of power outlets, as well as separate rinsing tanks. Also, Nitrox is provided to qualified divers (or those who wish to pass the patent on board). Free Wi-Fi is also available onboard.

Accommodation on board of Miss Nouran

Miss Nouran welcomes up to 20 passengers per cruise in its 10 pretty and cozy cabins. You can choose between the 8 double bunk bed cabins located on both the upper and the lower deck or the 2 twin bed cabins located on the main deck, all of them are tastefully furnished and have all the comfort for a pleasant stay. In addition to having a chic and elegant decoration, each cabin is air conditioned and has a private bathroom.

Amenities aboard Miss Nouran

The main deck of the ship is occupied by a large air-conditioned lounge including a spacious dining area and a huge saloon. In fact, it is an ideal place to relax during the hot afternoons on the Red Sea. The lounge area is equipped with a complete high-tech audio-visual entertainment system. It’s a great place for families if they want to enjoy a movie together. Additionally, the boat has two sun decks; the first acts as an outdoor lounge and is covered. The other terrace is located on the upper deck and offers excellent views of the Red Sea, especially at sunset.

Where to book:

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