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Mikumba 2 - Review 2022

Sturdy and elegant at 26 meters or 85 feet long, the Mikumba 2 is a phinisi vessel, special for having the largest deck space of all the other vessels of its size. Having undergone a major renovation, there have been contemporary twists added to this traditional wooden vessel. From the full refurbishment to complete overhaul of its machinery, the vessel speaks of luxury in its own. It is also a vessel that makes liveaboard experiences revolve in classic elegance through its well-designed interiors and topnotch crew service fused with itineraries of the greatest dive sites within the Indonesian waters.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

  • check-mark
    Some people stated the crew was hospitable, super nice and very professional.
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    Many people commended the cruise director and owner that they went out of their way to cater to special request from the guest.
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    Many people were happy with the food as it extraordinary and authentic Indonesian.
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    A lot of people who have been on the boat says they will return for another experience.
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    The boat is spacious and offers many modern features but still has its classical look and feel.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markSome more time on the excursions would have been ideal.
  • check-markThe engine was a bit unpleasant to the lower deck occupants.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Mikumba 2 in Indonesia

Boat Features

Since its debut sail in 2006, the Mikumba 2 never failed to attract guests to come aboard. The liveaboard experience has been taken to further heights with the latest renovation imposed on the vessel. Improved interiors and designs paved the way for more spacious cabins for guests to feel more comfortable in their rests.

To incorporate more safety and stability during sailing, the entire machinery has been upgraded with an addition of more powerful engines and RIB tenders. Guests are taken to breath-taking water sceneries at a top speed of 8 knots.

The vessel’s indoor saloon serves as its main social hub where guests can socially interact with each other through friendly conversations and exchanges of diving stories. The area also functions as the dining area where savvy dishes are served courtesy of the onboard chef. The library is likewise located in here for guests to have some reads of the book collections it hosts.

Cocktails, beers and some wines can be enjoyed at the bar. It is highly advised to consume alcoholic drinks in moderation for the guests to be able to enjoy the diving activities with their bodies and minds in best shapes and states.

The Cabins

Located on the vessel’s top deck are the master cabins – each one with provisions of en-suite bathrooms and private balconies. On the lower deck are the double or twin cabins with shared bathrooms.

Spanning four levels, guests will find not only comfort in their chosen cabins. The entire vessel offers huge spaces for relaxation, some ‘me time’, or even some moments of yoga.

Food and Beverage

The fusion of Western food and local Indonesian flavors headline the yacht’s menu. The full meals are served in buffet style and can be enjoyed at the alfresco dining area.

In-between these full meals snacks are served to give guests energy to refuel and recharge their bodies for any other activities scheduled for the day. Food – whether full meals or snacks bring great dining experience to the guests.

From the yacht’s bar, various selections of beer and wine can be enjoyed for some chill-out conversations and hanging out with fellow guests.

Guests with special dietary restrictions or needs can be accommodated provided that advanced notices are made during the booking. Those with vegetarian, vegan, and other specific diets can also make their requests.

The onboard chef and the rest of the yacht’s kitchen crew assure that only the best dining experience is offered to their guests.


Offering sailing schedules all year round, the Mikumba 2 takes guests to the greatest diving sites of Raja Ampat and the Komodo National Park. Opportunities for exploring probable dive sites like Melissa’s Garden, Cape Kri, and Manta Sandy opens the world of the vessel’s guests to underwater adventures with diverse marine life. The vessel’s team of experienced driving instructors make sure that guests will have diving experiences at its finest.

There are also inclusions of land excursions and other water-based sports activities to heighten up the liveaboard experience of the guests.

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