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The Manta Queen 3 Liveaboard offers divers 27 meters of dive safari comfort and has a crew that speaks French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. The fleet offers one to five-day trips to accommodate almost any guest and any schedule hoping to experience Thailand’s world-class diving.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Many divers said they loved the dive spots and saw whale sharks, eagle rays and giant mantas.
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    The food on the liveaboard was well prepared and there was a Thai twist in all the dishes.
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    The staff was friendly and always eager to help wherever they can.
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Things we don't like:

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    Some people noted that on a few days they had bad visibility.
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    Some people noted the cabins are cramped and does not have much space for luggage.
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    A few people claimed that the boat leaked and it made everything wet.
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Diving on the Manta Queen 3 liveaboard in Thailand

If you’re looking for an exquisite adventure and breathtaking scenery, Manta Queen 3 Liveaboard is the answer for you.

4 nights in the seas of the Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock is by far the ideal diving experience. These Thai landscapes are renowned for their captivating beauty but how can one wonder when they’re all set in “the land of a thousand smiles”.

The crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea and its rich fauna render it the perfect place for all curious divers and snorkelers. You might encounter blue spotted sting rays, Napoleon Wrasses, leopard sharks, giant whale sharks, etc. It is enough to satisfy the “adventure” hunger in you.

One cannot possibly forget the breathtaking features of Thailand that you’ll behold; the famous Elephant Head Rock, the well known Richelieu Rock, the white sand beaches and the mesmerizing greenery.

Vessel features

The 36-meter long boat holds 12 cabins for a maximum of 31 guests; the cabins vary in types from double to the quad, ensuite and non-ensuite rooms depending on the guest’s desire. Cabins can be made ready for a family stay.
The Manta Queen 3 has been custom built to fulfill all divers and snorkelers wishes not only the ones in the sea but also the ones aboard; all guests are welcomed to use the Camera station as they please, they can relax and spend some time in the well-accommodated saloon watching movies or TV, they can luxuriate in the sun deck or the captain’s deck , they might as well share all their adventure to their friends and family with the vessel’s Wi-Fi or simply watch the alluring views while enjoying a drink from our in-deck bar.

The Manta Queen 3 team’s main goal is to please all the people we host, they consider everyone that comes along a family member, that’s why they have gladly selected only the best chefs in our cuisine to cook all your meals.
The crew provides savory food in numerous ranges. If you’re looking for a taste of the culture, the chefs offer the finest mouth-watering Thai cuisine and if you prefer otherwise, there is an equally delicious range of western, halal and vegetarian cuisine. They have made sure to omit all ingredients with Monosodium Glutamate in them.

Amazing hospitability

The crew is made up of 6 members for diving and 10 to mend the boat, all of which are well trained and extremely welcoming. They are able to speak in more than 6 languages: English, French, Thai, German, Spanish, and Italian. And they will happily guide you through your trip and teach you as much as possible about the landscapes and the diving.

All safety measures were accounted for, although likely unnecessary to be used. Since the well being of our guests is our top priority, we took precautions in providing fire alarms and extinguishers, life jackets and rafts, aid kits, flares, and emergency radio beacon.

Best time to dive in Thailand

The best season lasts from October to May. However, diving is offered all year round.

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