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M/V Westward - Review 2023

The M/V Westward offers cruises in the Sea of Cortez for years already. It has served thousands of guests, and the majority of them are left satisfied. Folks out there who loves nature would totally appreciate the 5-12-day trip that already includes a lot of activities to do. Just like the other cruisers, the M/V Westward has a lounging area where people can eat and enjoy talks with other guests. 4 cabins can also be found inside, where only a maximum of 8 guests are accommodated inside. Although limited when it comes to guest numbers, the number of features and things the ship can do is more than enough to compensate for it.

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Things we like:

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    Several divers reported the Westward was over 100 years old but was still in pristine condition and could go another 100 years.
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    Several divers commended the Westward for going where ordinary cruise ships could not.
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    Many people liked the fact that it had a rooftop garden for fresh supplies like herbs and salad greens that was harvested on a daily basis.
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    Many people spotted bald eagles, bears, glaciers, ice-bergs among other things.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markSome people noted that they weren't prepared for the cold weather.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the M/V Westward in Mexico

Designer and Builder

The architect for the Navy, L.E. Geary, aka “Ted” built the small cruise ship. Because of its age, the US National Register for Historic Places made it possible for the ship to get in their list. This only means that the structure and architecture of the whole place are classic or vintage.

On the outside, it is very obvious that the cruise ship already underwent a lot of renovations because of the materials used. However, they decided to keep most of the original designs, including on the interior.

Interior Functions and Features

Air-conditioners aren’t installed onboard. This means that the chances for a hot steamy afternoon have just increased. But worry not though, the ship is equipped with a system that manages the air inside the ship, maintaining the temperature and keeping it cool every time. This approach is also very effective when it comes to decreasing noises that can disturb a lot of people.

The M/V Westward provides a wide-open deck where people can chill under the warm sun. For people who would like to stay indoors, a saloon is also open, and they’re accepting any guests inside. Meals are usually served in the saloon, including the drinks. The crew uses only healthy and fresh ingredients in their dishes. No health problems would arise while staying in the vessel.

The ship also has four cabins, each of them can be shared by two people. This limited space also has its own benefits.

Things to do in Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez is a vast sea located in Mexico which is home to several thousands of marine species and subspecies. Jacques Cocteau also referred to this one as “world’s aquarium” because of the staggering amount of marine life located on it. This term is also the key to gravitate people towards Mexico, making it a tourist hotspot in no time.

This package’s itineraries include a tour to several diving spots that can be located inside the Sea of Cortez. They might be tough to find at first, but guides are already adept on locating them because they have already done it for hundreds of times, definitely. With enough supervision, you can try diving in these spots. The sea isn’t also just famous for diving, but people who visit this place can also try out snorkeling for a more cinematic experience. Baja Magdalena alongside San Ignacio are also some examples of the places guests can travel to, to experience a new type of adventure.

The National Park is also open for visitors who are willing to do island hopping. The National Park is very rich when it comes to its archipelago, and it is the park’s main weapon to attract tourists. Hiking and bird watching are also some of the activities people can enjoy while on the trip. On night times, stargazing is definitely one thing a group should try out.

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