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Lighthouse Miracle-1 was built in 2005 and updated continuously through 2018 to keep up with all the modern safety equipment and also to ensure the best quality for the passengers. An experienced and friendly team will welcome guests on board, which will ensure everyone’s safety. Itineraries include all the most known dive sites of Egypt including St. Johns, Fury Shoal and Salem Express. An expedition on board the Lighthouse Miracle-1 is an excellent opportunity to visit these astounding areas. Passengers may also enjoy culinary adventures on board served with the highest quality ingredients. We welcome you to join our safari whole year round.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Many people noted that the liveaboard was spacious and could easily handle a crowed of 24 people.
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    Divers said that the dive guide Katy always knew where to find the best marine life and she knew all the marine life by name without looking them up in a book like most diving guides do.
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    A lot of people commended the the crew and staff on their diligent and professional manner they conducted themselves by.
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    The food was delicious and people were always urged to grab seconds if they weren't satisfied the first time round.
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Things we don't like:

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    Some people claimed that some of the cabins were small and offered limited space for luggage.
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    Divers mentioned that on some locations there was a scarcity of marine life.
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Diving on the Lighthouse Miracle 1 in Egypt

This yacht has a length of 30m by 8.3m. It is designed with an exquisite interior made in Europe. There are 12 crew members on board with diving experience who also know the diving locations well. Every crew member will ensure that passengers will experience a family-like atmosphere throughout the journey.

Boat interior

This vessel has 12 spacious, comfortable cabins that can accommodate 24 passengers. They are equipped with air-conditioning and private bathrooms. There are cabins with double beds or twin beds. The rooms have everything guests need for a comfortable stay, including bed sheets and fresh towels. Housekeeping comes daily.

The saloon is air-conditioned and has complete entertainment facilities like party speakers, Dolby-Digital sound system and a LCD TV that can help divers relax after an expedition. Guests may visit the shaded sundeck to enjoy the perfect ocean view and enjoy the freshest drinks at the bar.


The chef on board serves a buffet style all-you-can-eat meal with a choice of unlimited free drinks, including soft drinks, mineral water, tea, and coffee. For breakfast, scrambled and boiled eggs, jam, toast, yogurt, pancakes, fruits, and salami. The crew will serve fruits, snacks, and sandwiches between dives. For vegetarian, halal and other dietary restrictions, guests may inform our booking agents to fulfill their needs. Alcoholic beverages and spirits are available on board.

Dive Deck

The dive deck of this boat has a spacious area for divers to prepare for their adventure and to maintain their equipment after every dive. There are freshwater tanks for the shower that can also be used to clean masks, underwater camera and regulators. Dive rental equipment, courses, and nitrox are available on board. Also, the yacht has everything to ensure the safety of the passengers and the team is trained in first aid for any emergencies.


Lighthouse Miracle-1 offers the most attractive and famous itineraries. At The Brothers divers can have a chance to dive with sharks. They will also enjoy taking underwater photos of the breath-taking coral reef, school of fish and other marine life. Daedalus Reef is a remote outpost oceanic ridge. The place is isolated and therefore only accessible by liveaboards. Divers will see some predator action in this edgy reef, as well as, schooling hammerhead sharks, silky sharks and other large pelagic fish like trevally, manta rays, and tuna. It is best to dive during the summer months to see all the amazing sea creatures.

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