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Komodo Shalom - Review 2022

In September 2018, a strong and well-built liveaboard – Komodo Shalom was launched. It is a new member of the Wicked Diving family. This fleet is famous for its high quality services in the Indonesian waters. The modern schooner is designed specifically for a comfortable marine adventure. The designers of the elegant liveaboard believed that it is better to host a small group of people rather than packing dozens of unsatisfied guests. The beautifully designed liveaboard offers diving at Komodo as its main itinerary. You can explore a variety of fish species like sharks, mantas and dolphins. Some of the trips include the dragon trek where you can witness the sight of Komodo dragons.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Several divers reported that the dive master was extremely knowledgeable and the equipment used was of high standard.
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    Some people stated that there was a huge bio-diversity of animals in the various locations they explored.
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    Many people were happy with the crew and staff as they showed great commitment to making the trip a success.
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    Divers were very impressed with the overall success of the trip and say they will be back for more.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markSome divers said the noise from the engine room disturbed their sleep at night.
  • check-markThe boat was shifting a lot at night when it was moving.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Komodo Shalom in Indonesia

Komodo Shalom – fantastic budget-friendly vessels

The 24 meters (approx. 80 feet) long floating beauty is one of the best vessels of its kind. Komodo Shalom cruises at the stable speed of 8-10 knots. It is specially designed to provide a comfortable and fun-filled trip to the Indonesian Sea. The amazing liveaboard offers fantastic dive sites and beach visits. It has a capacity to accommodate 16 divers in 5 berth cabins. The crew and instructors onboard have substantial experience in the field and assure a safe and amazing journey to their guests.

Features of Komodo Shalom

Boat Interior – perfect liveaboard with elegant design, safety, comfort, and privacy
The handcrafted wooden vessel is stylish and elegant. It has all the modern amenities required to have a luxurious trip. The ultra-modern cabins are equipped with air-conditioning, reading desk with LED lamp, personal fan, curtains, power sockets. The bed gives the look of a perfect sleeping pod, where the diver can relax and have a home-like feeling after a tiring dive day. The deckhouse (captain’s cabin) is located in the middle of the yacht besides the dining area. The majestic liveaboard is a compact piece of a vessel that is comfortable, cozy, spacious and luxurious.

Deck Area – hit the depth of Indonesian sea in style

The dive deck has a custom-built diving platform with tanks lined-up and a filling station. This platform provides direct access to lifeboats and dinghies. There are a couple of faucets for rinsing the equipment and a shower on the dive deck, where divers can have a fresh/hot water shower after the dive. There is a sun deck on the upper area of the Komodo Shalom, with plenty of space in elbow shape around the corners. The shaded area is located on the front side which is large enough to welcome the guests to enjoy their time in the fresh sea breeze on the bean bags and sun lounges. The communal space includes a large dining area, which is located besides the wheelhouse (captain’s room).

Food and Entertainment

The appealing liveaboard has a variety of entertainment activities for the non-divers. The indoor lounge has amenities like audio-visual entertainment, mini-library, the option to watch a movie of your choice, access to the internet, and electronic charging stations. The evenings on Komodo Shalom are fun-filled, as the guests get options to enjoy games and activities onboard and on the beaches (if any on the route). The exclusive liveaboard offers many beach excursions as a part of the cruise. Food is the main priority of the gorgeous vessel; the chef onboard presents the art and skills deliciously. It is served thrice a day in buffet style with an option to select from Western and Local cuisines depending on the choice. Every day, there is a scrumptious surprise which waits for you until you uncover the lid.

When to go

The tour begins from Labuan Bajo on Tuesday or Saturday. You may get a chance to coincide full moon visibility, which gives a charismatic view. Just imagine the surrounding of turquoise blue water, starling sky with a full moon visible and the sea breeze. Goosebumps! Right? Enjoy a full exciting trip with Komodo Shalom sailing the Indonesian sea.

Where to book:

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