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Built in 2010, the Indo Siren measures 40 meters or about 131 feet. It braves the Indonesian waters running on its Nissan 500 HP engines. Capable of accommodating a maximum of 16 guests, the vessel is proud of its 8 beautiful cabins that exude lavishness and elegance. The vessel also takes pride in having exceeded expectations of the guests. From the best diving sites of Indonesia, meeting the largest array of marine biodiversity is for one to experience and be part of and create memories to reminisce. As member of the Siren Fleet, guests can only expect top-notch service and quality experience to accompany their cruise.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Many people commended the staff and crew on performing their duties well and always being friendly.
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    Some people stated that the room was spacious and very well fitted with the latest technology.
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    Divers said they got to see many marine life and lively corals.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markA couple of people noted that the food was always spicy and this does not sit well with many people.
  • check-markSome people mentioned that the compressor was broken and they could not use nitrox.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Indo Siren in Indonesia

Boat Features

As a luxury liveaboard, class and elegance are already twin factors that guests can expect. The boat sports an air-conditioned lounge, where guests can enjoy a mix of beverages in its cocktail bar or perhaps enjoy watching TV and movies.

The decks have a covered outdoor dining area, where meals and refreshments are served in buffet style. There are also cushioned loungers to comfortable rest while enjoying the sea breeze or perhaps the scenes offered by the merging of skylines and the sea views.

The boat is also well-equipped for the diving needs. There is a massive diving deck, which has individual stations and personal storage lockers. The guests are provided with diving gears free of charge, although there are also some which can be rented. Designated indoor and outdoor workstations are also available for the charging, preparation and maintenance of cameras and video equipment for the guest’s photography needs.

The Cabins

With 8 cabins, the Indo Siren is capable of accommodating 16 guests maximum. The cabins are luxurious not only in terms of space but also in design, which is reflective of Indonesian character.

Measuring 9 square meters each, the cabins can be opted for fixed double or twin bed. All cabins have in-cabin entertainment systems for guests to enjoy movies while comfortably lying in bed. Each room also sports individual temperature controls, en-suite bathrooms with hot showers, and reading lights among others.

Provisions of individual cupboards, hair dryers, towels, and bathrobes are also for guests to enjoy as part of the luxury cabin service.

Food & Beverage

The luxury service is extended by Indo Siren’s kitchen staff by providing guests with sumptuous full meals thrice per day. Prepared and cooked fresh from the vessel’s kitchen, the food is served in buffet style and can be enjoyed by guests in al fresco mode.

Cuisines range from Indonesian and Western recipes which make guests’ taste buds crave for more. Snacks and refreshments are also available all throughout the day in self-service modes. The cocktail bar in the vessel’s lounge area offers some alcoholic mixes perfect to accompany friendly conversations or even solitary moments.

There are also options for vegetarians and vegans to fulfill their diets. Other dietary restrictions like those with allergies should be coordinated with the staff in advance upon booking.


Indo Siren frequents the routes of Raja Ampat, Komodo National Park, and the Banda Sea. These routes offer the best diving spots perfect for a cruise and diving holiday. Not only will guests be treated with diving excitement due to strong currents but also with close encounters of marine plants and animals that contribute to the diverse marine biodiversity that Indonesia, specifically its diving sites has to offer.

Cruises are offered all year round and take an average of 10 nights or 11 days to reach all the destinations.

As a luxury liveaboard, class and elegance are already twin factors that guests can expect. The boat sports an airconditioned lounge where guests can enjoy beveragesin its cocktail bar or perhaps enjoy watching TV and movies.

Where to book:

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