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Cruising since 2010, Iike takes you to the best diving destinations of Indonesia such as the Komodo, Alor, Maluku, Forgotten Islands, Banda Sea,Triton Bay, and Raja Ampat. These sites are well-known in the diving world due to the bounty of marine life and corals that thrive in their waters. Stunning seascapes and the view underneath are amazing and spectacular. Close encounters with a wide array of marine species combined with a breathtaking underwater view results in the best possible cruising memories that a liveaboard sea travel can offer. Whichever route is chosen by guests when booking, only an exceptional diving holiday should be expected.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Many divers were pleased with the dives at crystal and castle rock as they got to see plenty of mantas.
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    Many people were happy with the overall look of the boat and the sails gave it a unique pirate ship feeling that divers loved.
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    The crew were amazing helping with the equipment when the divers came and went on dives and also ensuring that a hot cloth and refreshments were waiting after every dive.
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    Many people said the food was excellent and they would suggest this voyage to everyone looking for a overall great diving experience.
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    A lot of people said that they would return to the Ilike Liveaboard because they just liked everything.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markSome people stated that the hygiene level on board was not that impressive.
  • check-markA few people claimed that the liveaboard is more centered towards European guests.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Ilike in Indonesia

Boat Features

A proud product of the famous boat building village of Bira in Southern Sulawesi, the MSY Ilike is among the most famous of the Indonesian traditional Phinisi. It offers the luxury of traditional sailing boats fused with the comforts of a modern yacht.

With a hull made of iron and a body built on teak, 14 guests can comfortably cruise while lodged in any of its 7 cabins. This vessel measures 30m in length and 9m in width. Renovation has been enforced in 2017 to revamp the vessel itself and keep it in its best performing or cruising state.

This liveaboard runs on 2×320 HP marine engines giving it an average speed of 10 knots across the Indonesian waters.

The Cabins

The cabins are classified into budget cabins, standard cabins, and master cabins.

There are 2 budget cabins with 2 bunk beds each. Maximum occupants per budget cabin is 2 persons.

Then, there are 4 standard cabins, with each one good for 2 to 3 persons. Accommodation in this type of cabin is a double bed below and a single bunk bed on top.

The master cabin with a double bed can occupy a maximum of 2 persons.
All cabin types have their own marble bathroom and toilet for hygienic purposes.

Food & Beverage

Like many Indonesian liveaboards, the food served to guests is varied but plentiful and usually consists of Western and local cuisines.

The day is started with servings of fresh fruits, hot entrees, cereals, and some juices. This combination is quite good to provide initial energy for the day’s activities.

Typically, lunch is served buffet-style. Dinner is served courtesy of the onboard chef. Menu can range from salads, vegetable dishes, a handful of seafood, beef or chicken recipes along with freshly made desserts.

For guests who have special dietary requirements, advanced notices should be made during booking.

Beverage choice is also wide. A lot of choices exist from fruit juices, sodas, mineral water, coffee, and tea. There is also a limited selection of local beer and some wine.

While water, tea, and coffee are complimentary, other beverages can be availed for reasonable charges. For those who want to enjoy their favorite liquor brands on board, it is best suggested to bring your brand as high duties are usually charged to liquors.

Celebrations are also made memorable at Ilike. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, honeymoons, weddings, proposals, or just an ordinary day you want to make more special, kindly notify in the booking for the celebration to be planned and prepared.


Cruises can last for as short as 6 nights or as long as 11 nights or more. This is dependent on the chosen route upon booking. Despite the route, all guests can expect the best memories of cruising. Aside from the cruise itself and the dives, there are also land excursions.

While the average of 20 dives are offered per cruise, those who want to get up to 50 dives can avail such through extra payments for a private dive guide.

Where to book:

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