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Grand Majestic - Review 2023

This boat has modern and stylish cabins as well as socialization areas. It offers four to eight days of itinerary accommodation throughout the year around the Galapagos Islands. The itinerary packages are suitable for friends, family, and even private charters. This fast and sporty yacht can provide a high-quality service with the help of the professional team on board. Also, it can lead you to the best destination around this island in no time. The friendly guides are on hand to bring you to the most secluded areas on every isle, and challenging activities are waiting for every tourist. We guarantee to give the best service that this liveaboard can offer.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Many people said the activities and land excursions was well planned and executed
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    A couple of people commended the guides on their thorough knowledge of the surrounds and animals
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    Divers said the marine life and dive locations was beautiful and that they would return

Things we don't like:

  • check-markSome people said they had a difficult time adjusting to the climate

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Grand Majestic in Galapagos

Grand Majestic started its journey in 2018 that has a consistent record in terms of positive reviews. It has a length of 39 m/ 127.95 and with a top speed of 25 knots per hour. Never miss a once in a lifetime safari with Grand Majestic so, we encourage you to book now.

Boat Interior

This yacht can accommodate a maximum of 16 guests to its luxurious cabins located on the main and lower deck. All rooms have air-conditioning, large portholes, private bathrooms and storage for clothing. The master bedroom has bigger windows perfect for ocean viewing, a sofa, air-conditioning, and a private bathroom. Housekeeping is daily provided to maintain cleanliness in all cabins. Everyone can socialize at the indoor saloon with an audio and video entertainment system that has a wide collection of movies. Also, you can enjoy reading interesting books on this floor. The sundeck has cushioned sitting and jacuzzi perfect for relaxation.


The chef onboard serves a variety of delicious meals from local and international cuisines. Full board meals are included in your package together with complimentary drinks and snacks in between meals. Meals are served in a buffet-style setting, and everyone can choose to eat indoors or at the alfresco dining area to see the enchanting view around the Galapagos islands. Wine, beer and spirits are available for purchase. The fully stocked bar serves refreshments throughout the safari. We advise everyone to add any special dietary requirement requests on the booking form to help you better on board. We only accept requests for food allergies and religious beliefs.

Boat Safety

Our management prioritizes safety, and we ensure that this boat is ready for sailing before leaving the port. There are boat navigation and safety equipment such as life jackets distributed on every level of this boat, life rafts, emergency oxygen, satellite phones and first aid kits that are ready to use in case of an emergency. Our crew members are well-trained to give first aid, and they can manage any situation that might occur onboard.


Many activities can be done on every destination you visit. Grab your snorkeling gear which is included on your package and start exploring the pristine ocean. Kayak with your friends to enjoy the challenging waves and capture magnificent landscapes. Enjoy stargazing during the night and go hiking during the day to have an adventure of a lifetime. Meet different animals from all the locations together with the oldest Galapagos tortoise.


Expect a warm welcome from our staff upon boarding along with complimentary drinks and snacks. A short briefing and introduction are given to provide guests with safety guidelines as well as the itinerary plan. The island destination includes Bartolome, Espanola, Fernandina, Floreana, Genovesa, Isabela, North Seymour and South Plaza. See unusual plants and tropical trees like beach morning glory, lantana, miconia tree, and mollugo. Visit the top sites around the Galapagos island including, Darwin’s Lake, Charles Darwin Research Station, Buccaneer Cove and more. The best time to visit is between December to May when the weather is sunny, and it is unlikely to rain.

Where to book:

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