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Galapagos Aqua - Review 2023

The Galapagos Islands are located approx. 926 km off from the west coast of Ecuador in the continent of South America. These cluster of islands were structured by the volcanic eruptions and coalescence of tectonic forces. There are around 13 prominent islands, 3 small islands and more than 100 tiny islets which are gorgeously laid out near to the Pacific Ocean. There is a richly diverse marine life, which will give you a lifetime memorable diving experience. The main itineraries of the alluring liveaboard include Darwin and Wolf Islands, Vicente Roca Point, Roca Blanca, highlands, and Cape Douglas. While diving with Galapagos Aqua, you may encounter giant tortoises, dolphins, manta rays, eagle rays, and more than 20 shark species.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Several divers said that the walking tour in Playa de los Perros greeted them with dozens of iguanas and other animals.
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    Many people were pleasantly surprised by the glass bottom boat and what it revealed of the marine life beneath.
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    Many divers liked the snorkeling experience and saw a bunch of turtles swim pass them, breathtaking moments.
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    The liveaboard is well kept with a friendly and knowledgeable crew.
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Things we don't like:

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    A couple of people noted that not all of the crew spoke English and that hampered communication.
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    A few people claimed that the journey was a bit rough when they were moving at night.
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Diving on the Galapagos Aqua in Galapagos

Galapagos Aqua – renovated to provide intimate dive cruise adventures

The 26 meters (approx. 85 feet) beautiful liveaboard was constructed in the year 1998. It has been refurbished many times but the most recent renovation was done in 2019, which made Galapagos Aqua a perfect dive cruise liveaboard sailing in the Galapagos Islands. It is classed as a tourist superior liveaboard due to the vital necessities and luxurious amenities it is offering to the travelers. You will experience a once in a lifetime diving adventure with Galapagos Aqua at the exotic destination. After this adventurous vacation, you will strongly agree that Galapagos Aqua, not only offers the best fun-filled diving holiday but also offers the world’s best non-diving wildlife adventurous cruises.

Boat Interior

The white sailing beauty is well-designed, well-furnished and comfortable. The Galapagos Aqua liveaboard has enough space to welcome 16 guests. They are easily accommodated in 9 cabins, which are incorporated with all the necessities, which include private bathrooms, air-conditioning, storage areas, bathrobes, and windows to enjoy the astonishing views. There were previously 8 staterooms but after the renovation, which was done recently, it allowed space for another cabin. There is a beautiful open-air space for sunning and socializing with the fellow divers on the large sundeck.

Deck Area

The diving takes place from a zodiac that transports divers to the dive sites. There is a spacious dive platform which has 2 dive tank compressors and filled tanks that are lined-up for the divers. Galapagos Aqua offers free Nitrox to the EANx certified divers. When not engaged in diving, divers can enjoy their leisure time on the large sun deck. Plenty of cushioned lounging chairs and sun loungers are placed there so that the divers can sunbathe and enjoy the breathtaking views of the astonishing archipelago.

Food and Entertainment

There is an air-conditioned lounge on the main deck, which has a perfect seating arrangement for all the guests onboard. A variety of entertainment facilities are available for which you don’t have to pay any extra charges. You can watch a movie of your choice on the large flat-screen TV, numerous board games, and much more. Apart from diving and entertainment, who can forget the food? Yes, it has been given the same importance as other facilities on Galapagos Aqua. You can enjoy a wholesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner of western and local cuisines along with tasteful desserts. The chef presents the food in a buffet style with complimentary wine at dinner.

When to go

The most dominating seasons, which are considered best for dive cruise adventures are the wet – warm and dry – cold seasons. The wet seasons are usually from January to June. Since the water temperature is comparatively warmer and fluctuates between 20 – 28-degrees C. The experienced divers recommend this to be the most suitable time to explore the beauty of the Galapagos Islands. Whereas the dry season is from July to December, the temperature ranges from 16 – 23-degrees C. The shark lovers prefer this season due to the abundance and amazing visibility of a variety of sharks.

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