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Galapagos and the surrounding cluster of islands are some of the world’s best dive destinations. There is much more than an enthusiastic diver can expect. Galapagos Aggressor III offers fantastic dives with luxurious amenities and excellent service. While diving at these sites, you will have an opportunity to see exuberant dolphins and sea lions. Darwin and Wolf Island present school of hammerheads, giant whales sharks, and lots of jubilant tuna fish. The journey with the stunning liveaboard begins from Baltra on every Thursday noon. The main objective of the Galapagos Aggressor III is to provide an ultimate scuba diving experience at the beautiful Galapagos Islands.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Some divers said that they saw whale sharks, school of hammerheads, sea turtles and iguanas that made the experience breathtaking.
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    The consensus among people is that the liveaboard is intimate and personal with a organised diving plan that was not overbearing.
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    The cuisine served by the chef was top notch and it was served in a buffet style layout.
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    Many people said it was an experience that they would do again.
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    The divers recall always having a clean environment on and off the boat.
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    Many people were impressed with the speed the boat obtained in the open water.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markA couple of people noted that several of the diving spots had bad visibility and this hampered their viewing experience.
  • check-markA few people claimed that they experienced some light sea sickness.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Galapagos Aggressor III in Galapagos

Galapagos Aggressor III – stylish liveaboard sailing in some of the world’s best dive sites

The 34 meters (approx. 111.5 feet) Galapagos Aggressor was built in 1993 and was renovated and enhanced with modern features in 2011. The steel-built body and powerful motor make it a stable liveaboard that cruises at a good speed of 10 knots per hour. The stylish liveaboard offers 4 action-packed dives and 2 adventurous night dives per day. You would have an amazing experience of swimming with the large whale sharks, hammerheads, marine iguana, sea lions, fur seal and lots of other fish species. Beside diving at the iconic dive sites, there are plenty of land excursions, which include trekking at Santa Cruz to explore the Tortoise Reserves and Fausto Llerena – a tortoise breeding center.

Boat Interior

The white sailing beauty is elegantly designed and reflects a modish look from the interior. There are ultra-modern amenities for a maximum of 16 travelers. Eight spacious staterooms have everything that is required to have for a comfortable and lavish stay onboard. It is not less than a floating resort. The cabins have en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning with temperature control, TV, portholes and windows, and cozy mattresses with pillows. There are 4 Deluxe and 4 Master Suites located on the lower and upper deck. Housekeeping and room service are also a part of your stay at Galapagos Aggressor III. The communal areas of the steel vessel include a large sun deck, indoor lounge, open-air lounge, and a dining area. There is a complete arrangement of a camera station, which has a computer and a camera table for photographers and videographers.

Deck Area

The dive deck of Galapagos Aggressor III is spacious enough to provide lots space to everyone to prepare before diving. There are individual lockers for the divers to keep their belongings, plenty of hangers to hang the wetsuit after dive, rental equipment and diving gears. The shower area allows divers to have a quick shower after diving. The large sundeck is a perfect place to enjoy the charismatic views while relaxing on the comfortable seating. There are plenty of cushioned sun loungers, deck chairs, and a deep white jacuzzi. A partially covered area of the sundeck is furnished with wooden sofa typed comfortable chairs with a table to enjoy a chilled drink in a warm atmosphere.

Food and Entertainment

Galapagos Aggressor III offers full board wholesome meals, which include American and local delicacies on the menu. The expert chef cooks a variety of surprising new dishes each day accompanied with delicious desserts. Warm snacks and selective beverages are available all day long. Don’t hesitate to ask for food customization, if you have any dietary requirement or food allergy. Apart from the great food, there is an assortment of in-house entertainment in the indoor saloon, which includes a large LED TV, DVDs, music, board games, and a mini-library.

When to go

The best time to visit the Galapagos Islands is during the two seasons – wet and dry. The wet season starts from January and ends in June. Whereas, the dry season is from July to December. During the dry season, the chances of encountering a variety of sharks is larger.

Where to book:

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