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The Ferox liveaboard has been operating since 1991 and was recently renovated in 2017. Ferox liveaboard has a length of 104ft/32meters long and a width of 26ft/8meters wide. When on this liveaboard you will have exclusive access to Malpelo Sanctuary which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This area is surrounded by wonderful marine life like hammerheads, jacks, manta rays, white tip, eagle rays, and the unique saw tooth sand tiger shark.

Our Overall Review

Things we like:

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    Divers said they found the locator beacon to be a great safety measure
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    A couple of divers noted the diving crew was exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable
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    Many people said they were happy with the state of the liveaboard
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    Some people said this is a trip they would do again

Things we don't like:

  • check-markSome people were taken back by the lack of originality in the dishes served

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Ferox in Columbia


Ferox liveaboard

Going diving in a foreign land needn’t be a laborious exercise once you have the right liveaboard to take care of your needs. With the Ferox, all your needs will be taken care of by a crew and dive guides that posses over 30 years of experience around the waters of Columbia. On your liveaboard adventure, you will get to dive in Gorgona Island where Orcas and Humpback whales are abundant. While onboard you can get your enriched air certification and they also supply certified guests with free Nitrox through the entirety of the trip.

Interior and entertainment areas

The Ferox is big enough to house up to 12 guests in 8 cabins that are fitted with Egyptian linen covers. Moreover, the bathroom uses environmentally friendly products to protect the ocean and the environment. What makes these cabins great is the fact that the cabins are designed with insulation that makes them soundproof. This will ensure you enjoy a peaceful night’s rest that is void of any noise.

Relaxation & leisure areas on the Ferox

There is an outside bar that also doubles as an entertainment lounge. Guests come together and enjoy a drink or look at the stars under the night sky. The air-conditioned lounge area is also popular among guests boasting comfortable couches and a large flat-screen TV. There is also a mini-library ideal for readers during their downtime.

Dive deck on the liveaboard

The dive is large and has three fast riding rescue boats. This is to ensure passenger safety should something happen in the water. They can obtain a top speed of 37-40 knots which is the ideal speed for any rescue operation. The divers will also be issued tracking beacons and they will be informed on how to use them on the liveaboard this is just one more extra measure the Ferox takes to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Food on the liveaboard

The chef will not disappoint and you will be fed daily. The meals will consist of a variety of international and local cuisines with a personal touch from the chef. There are provisions made for people with special dietary requirements but those should be listed on your GIS form. You will also receive snacks and complimentary drinks throughout the day to keep your energy levels high.


Exploring the best of Columbia is easy with the Ferox liveaboard which gives you more privacy than any other liveaboard. You will get to see explore sites like Malpelo or Gorgona. A normal dive itinerary will last between 9-13 nights.

Where to book:

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