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Euphoria - Review 2022

Euphoria is a state of the art liveaboard. Created from a perfect mix of tropical trees like teak, mahogany, and ironwood, it can host up to 14 guests at a time. There are 5 cabins and 2 master suites connected on a central air conditioning system. Each cabin has its private bathroom and is decorated with Indonesian craft. With year-round diving cruises, each one includes 11 nights onboard, with full onboard catering. Guests can take up to 4 dives a day. When not in the water, guests can enjoy the sun deck, where sun chairs and sun beds are always available.

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Reasons to buy:

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    Several divers commended the owner Arthur on being flexible he adjusted the schedule and location according to the divers requirements.
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    Many people were happy with the crew and the way they conducted themselves.
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    Some people stated that the food made by the chef was full of variety and the local dishes were mouth watering.
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    Many people said it was an amazing experience and that they would be back next summer.

Reasons NOT to buy:

  • check-markSome divers said that a briefing before each dive was lacking.
  • check-markSome people noted that the water was cold and they could not dive very long.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Euphoria in Indonesia

Euphoria Features and Interior

The Euphoria liveaboard is a 42m (138 feet) luxury liveaboard that was built in 2012 following a traditional South Celebes style. Being part of the top five most exclusive liveaboards that operate in Indonesia, it is a state-of-the-art ship that cruises the rich waters of Indonesia.

Made of the noblest tropical wood species, like teak mahogany and ironwood, Euphoria features 5 cabins on the lower deck and 2 other master cabins with their own terrace. 14 guests can enjoy this modernly equipped and stylishly decorated liveaboard for 11 days per tour.

All cabins are decorated with Indonesian craft while also being connected with the centralized air conditioning. Each cabin has its own private bathroom, large cabinets, and closets. However, due to structural reasons, every cabin in the lower deck is slightly different, mostly in the bed arrangement and their size. There are utility rooms like the kitchen, food storage and crew cabin at the rear of the deck, while diving equipment and the comfortable diving deck area at the stern of the ship.

The upper deck is comprised of two VIP cabins with a higher standard. Cabins are bright with large windows and a glass wall, very spacious, plus they have a shared terrace. Both VIP cabins are for three people, containing one double bed and one single bed. Guests can also enjoy a spacious dining room with bar, located in the prow part of the ship.

Euphoria Cruises

The 12 members of the Euphoria crew provide five-star services and full personal service for any guest aboard. Standing true to its name, Euphoria is always ready to provide the ultimate diving experience.

The Euphoria liveaboard schedules year-round diving cruises with two amazing itineraries: Cenderawasih National Park and Cenderawasih Bay. You will not forget the spectacular whale shark encounters and unique cruises to Raja Ampat, famous for its large manta rays and the gorgeous coral reef. With up to 4 dives a day, the Euphoria liveaboard would be a fantastic luxury adventure. And just to make this overall trip perfect, the Euphoria chefs will feast you with full catering based on European and Asian cuisine. An assortment of selected wines and liquors, in addition to soft drinks and beer, is always available at any time. Of course, in case you have specific dietary requirements during your cruise, make sure you mention that during your booking procedure.


Being out in the water is one thing, but having the confidence that someone is taking care of your safety is another. Euphoria does not fail in this area as well. Besides the regular first aid kits, the liveaboard is equipped with fire protection alarms, oxygen, and EPIRP, 40 life jackets, as well as 3 life rafts being able to fit 15 people each and 3 rescue buoys.

Besides for regular daily navigation and communication purposes, the ship has GPS, radar, regular sonar and fishing sonar, plotter and a satellite phone.


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