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El Mechudo - Review 2023

Cruise the Mexican waters with El Mechudo, an award-winning vessel that has served more than thousands of guests already. Enjoy quiet and relaxing moments onboard with a private spot dedicated for sightseeing. Various marine creatures can be easily seen while in the cruise ship, allowing for a scenic view, adding to the whole relaxing vibe. With world-class staff and cabin crew, we’re 100% sure that any type of guests would have a great time on board the cruise ship. Food and beverages from international cuisines are also served but mostly, Mexican. The cruiser’s cabins are meant to host 8 guests maximum, which is the ideal number for groups who wants to go eco-adventuring.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

  • check-mark
    Some of the divers commemorated the diving instructor on producing a well planned dived to locations where animal life were abundant.
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    Several divers reported that the water was warm and wet suits wasn't required.
  • check-mark
    Some people liked the cruise around the islands and took in the view.
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    The dishes prepared by the chef was world class.
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    Most of the people noted that they would return in the near future.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markSome divers noted the water was a bit murky at some locations.
  • check-markThere were a lot restrictions preventing the viewing of the whale sharks.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the El Machudo in Mexico

Families and friends will surely enjoy the included activities on this package alongside the world-class cruise ship accommodation. A maximum of 8 guest capacity is a perfect number for diving and water adventuring. There is a total of 4 cabins on board and guests may choose among the types. Two rooms offer double beds while the other two offer a double bed and an additional single bed.

Inside the cruise, you’ll find a comfortable cooling sensation, all thanks to the installed air-conditioner that covers up the entirety of the ship’s interior. An indoor saloon is also available. Mexican cuisine dominates the cruise ship’s food menu but there are also some dishes that are inspired by international cuisines. All meals are guaranteed fresh and are prepared and served by the professional ship crew.

The Catamaran El Mechudo is also heavily known because of its very high reputation. Guests and clients are saying the ship steadily sails without any interruptions or whatsoever. Technical difficulties are also almost impossible to nonexistent. The cruise ship is powered by high-grade engines.

Extras and Freebies

Drinks such as alcoholic beverages and drinking water are included in the package. In this way, the guests wouldn’t worry more on getting enough water to drink. Meal plans are also made possible so there’s no way that the guests would starve. Rest assured that although they are prepared, these meal plans are top quality, crafted by cooks on board Catamaran El Mechudo.

Beach and cabin towels are also being handed out to the guests, in case they forget or don’t have one. Other activities such as kayaks and land adventures may happen while on a trip. Although take note that sometimes these activities may change according to the itinerary.

Wi-Fi on board may be lacking but looking on the bright side; this one is actually very helpful to keep guests from detaching from the real world and succumb to the online word or the social media. In this way, guests can better socialize and relax with the other passengers onboard; anyone would easily say yes to socializing on this cruise ship.

Destinations and Package Activities

It is expected that this package would have a total of 13 diving opportunities for the guests. But before that, it’s important to know the places and spots where it is best to dive. Salvatierra, El Bajo, and Swanee Reef are some of the destinations perfect for finding the perfect dive spot. The Sea of Cortez is very rich in diving spots so theoretically, one week is more than enough to savor this exquisite experience.

Kayaking is one of the activities that can happen depending on the time of the year. If you want to have this kind of activity in your package, it is a wise move to book one ahead of time. Bird watching and day hiking are also some activities that are meant to be seasonal and rare.

Where to book:

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