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The Cuan Law liveaboard was built in 1988 and renovated in 2005. This liveaboard is suitable for divers of all skill levels and offers over 100 dive sites around the British Virgin Islands. The Cuan Law has a length of 31.8m / 105ft and a beam with of 13m / 44ft with a sleek, luxurious design. Cuan Law can reach an impressive top speed of 15 knots and has a cruising speed of 8 knots. The speed that Cuan Law obtains can be attributed to the two 210 HP Caterpillar diesel engines that drive two feathering propellers. Cuan Law also has two tenders that will take you to the various dive destinations and can expect up to 4-5 dives a day.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Large sailing trimarans with plenty of space for relaxing between dives
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    10 well equipped and large cabins
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    Many people were happy with the personable and genuine dive guides and staff
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    The Food on the Cuan Law is great.
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Things we don't like:

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    The Boats is a large sailing boat that accommodates diving quite well, but it's not designed for diving.
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Diving on the Cuan Law in the British Virgin Islands and St Maarten 

Cuan Law liveaboard

The Cuan Law is considered to be one of the biggest sailing trimarans when it comes to liveaboards. There are many destinations that thoroughly considered by the dive masters to bring you the best diving experience possible. You will travel to over 100+ sites around the British Virgin Islands; there will be grottos, canyons, cliffs, amazing coral reefs, and various marine-life.

Interior and entertainment areas

The Cuan Law is a spacious vessel that is acoustically insulated with hammocks of ultimate relaxation during your spare time. You will find this vessel can accommodate 20 passengers in 10 double and twin cabins. There is ample space for your personal belongings in these cabins which also feature outside views. All of the en-suite cabins are air-conditioned and the rooms are sound insulated ensuring you a peaceful night’s rest.

Salon: The salon is where most of the interactions with other guests occur outside of the water. There are sofas, chairs and a table where quick snacks are served throughout the day. Moreover, the salon has its own bar with beer, coolers, wine, and juices of which all are included in the cost of the trip. There are also various books i=to read in the mini library as well as various board games to pass the time.

Dive deck on the Cuan Law

The dive deck is utilized in a couple of ways because this is where dive briefings take place, and where guests get ready for other diving activities that include kayaking, snorkeling, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, etc. There are also two dive tenders that will take you to various dive sites that cannot be reached by the liveaboard.

Food on the liveaboard

You will be pleased to know that the menu onboard the Cuan Law is inspired by divers and catered to divers. This is the ideal menu for optimizing energy and strength during a dive safari. You will still be served three meals a day with a wide selection of eateries. Snacks will also be served throughout the day to keep your energy levels high for all the diving to be done.


The Cuan Law can be compared to a luxury hotel only difference is that it will take you the most beautiful dive sites and scenery around the British Virgin Islands. A normal dive itinerary will last 6 nights and will take you all along the British Virgin Islands as well as St Maarten. The seas are filled with stingrays, parrotfish, jacks, squirrelfish, and hawksbill.

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