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MY Coral 1 and 2 - Review 2022


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The sailing sisters Coral I & Coral II are a perfect combo of elegant beauty and lavish style. The construction took place in Germany and Holland. Both the liveaboards have surpassed all the standards that are expected from a high caliber cruise ship. They offer ultimate trips to the Galapagos and the surrounding islands. The charming sisters usually travel together and are suitable for those who seek privacy along with comfort. Coral I & II are the ideal choice for the families who want to charter a vessel for a short trip of 4-5 days. The spacious cabins, large decks and plenty of communal space compliment well with the services offered by the stylish liveaboard.

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Reasons to buy:

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    Some of the passengers stated that the two boats were primarily alongside each other offering a sense of community in the open waters.
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    Many people were happy with the fact that the voyage accommodated a visually immersive experience under water.
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    A few of the divers indicated that this was one of the friendliest scuba instructors they have ever met.
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    There was a consensus among the passengers that the island excursions were well planed along the hiking trails.

Reasons NOT to buy:

  • check-markA couple of people noted that the boats engine was a disturbance specially for people on the lower deck.
  • check-markSome people had a difficult time adjusting to the altitude in Galapagos.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the MY Coral 1 & 2 in Galapagos

MY Coral I & II

The 40 meters (approx. 131 feet) Coral I was built in 2004 and renovated with ultra-modern facilities in 2016, whereas the length of Coral II is 35 meters (approx. 113 feet). Coral II was built 2006 and was renovated with her elder sister in the same year. They are famous for providing a speedy cruise with 12 knots per hour, which means you have more time to explore the islands and less time to spend on traveling. Each day spent on these liveaboards is full of fun-filled activities, adventurous dives, and exploring the nature either under the deep blue waters of the Galapagos or while trekking on the surface. The onboard guides are well-trained and professional. They have deep knowledge about the exotic islands and the marine life.

Boat Interior

Coral I is a European designed naturalist cruise ship. The modern shape and functional mid-size make it an ideal choice for those who seek an intimate dive cruise vacation with close friends or families. The 18 decorative and fully furnished cabins have everything that is required to make it as comfortable as possible. All the amenities are well-aligned so that the 36 guests are accommodated with every thick and thin. Whereas, Coral II is a combo of form and functions. It has spacious and romantic living areas, restaurant type dining, gleamy and enticing decks. It has the capacity to accommodate 20 travelers in 10 cozy staterooms. All the cabins of Coral I & Coral II are well-equipped and have en-suite bathrooms, call service, LED TV, air-conditioning, and windows for astonishing views. Some of the cabins are interconnected for the families staying together. The perk onboard includes the boutique and stylish jacuzzi.

Deck Area

There are 4 decks on both Coral I & Coral II, which are the sea deck, sky deck, earth deck, and moon deck. On the sea deck, there are Standard and Standard Plus Cabins. Earth deck is spacious, here you can find a Junior Cabin, dining area, bar, communal lounge, library, hot tub jacuzzi, and the embarkation area. The sky deck also has a Junior Cabin along with a partially shaded terrace and a dolphin observation deck. The last deck of the Coral sisters is the moon deck, it has a sun deck with a shaded area, al fresco dining, and a stargazing area for night-owls. These decks have plenty of seating arrangements and communal spots. Guests can spend their time looking at the breathtaking views, turquoise blue water and of course the striking sun rays for the sun worshippers who want to get some tan.

Food and Entertainment

There is a variety of entertainment activities onboard as well as on the land excursions, which are planned by the cruise director. The indoor saloon has in-house activities like board games, LED TV, DVDs to watch your favorite movies, and a library. You can also watch you diving pictures and videos of the day on the large screen. While on land excursions, you can enjoy live BBQs prepared by the expert chef. The food served onboard is prepared in a clean and hygienic environment. Every meal is cooked freshly and to perfection. Local and international dishes are served along with mouth-watering desserts.

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