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Get ready to indulge in the fishiest site on the earth, Galapagos. You can find more than 500 fish species, over 30 types of sharks’ family, 28 turtles’ species, naughty dolphins, dwarf penguins, mola-mola (ocean sunfish), mantas and marine iguanas. Galapagos is the only place, where you can enjoy adventurous dive with an abundance of species. it is only accessible by a liveaboard and Calipso is one of the well-acclaimed liveaboards that offers dive cruise adventure along with plenty of land excursions. You can see colonies of birds, blue-footed boobies and giant tortoise on your visit to the famous Charles Darwin Research Centre.

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Things we like:

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    Some people stated that the cabins were spacious and offered a great view of the ocean
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    A couple of people noted that they like the fact that they were met by a representative of the liveaboard at the airport
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    Many people were happy with the crew who kept the cabins clean and neat
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    The land excursions was awesome as you got to see giant tortoises

Things we don't like:

  • check-markA couple of people on the lower deck noted that the anchor is rather noisy when raised or lowered
  • check-markSome people mentioned that the food was overcooked

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Calipso in Galapagos

Calipso Liveaboard – explore the marine version of the sharkiest Jurassic Park

The 33 meters (approx. 109 feet) luxurious liveaboard was built in 1991 has been renovated multiple times to provide high-standard facilities to its travelers. It is completely refurbished from steel hull, internal systems, interior, and exterior. Calipso offers exclusive diving to the best itineraries of Galapagos including Darwin and Wolf, Cabo Douglas and Marshall, and Punta Vicente Roca. The newly added site Marchena is not routed as a part of the trip. This site was previously allowed for scientists and filmmakers only. Visiting Galapagos is a privilege in itself self and so is the privilege of Calipso to take you to this expedition.

Boat Interior

According to the rules of Galapagos National park, 16 divers are allowed to travel on a liveaboard. Calipso follows the rules and regulations well. There are 10 cabins to accommodate the guests with vital necessities in a cozy environment. There are 2 double bed cabins on the main deck. However, the other single bed cabins can also be converted into a double bed for couples. There are large windows for exotic views. All the cabins are well-equipped with air-con, TV, storage box, and en-suite bathroom. On the lower deck, there are 2 single cabins, which are allotted on a first come – first serve basis. There is no extra supplement except a porthole. Considering the health of the guests, there is no carpeting done to avoid allergy issues.

Deck Area

The newly built 52 m2 dive deck has separate stations along with storage space, a spacious camera station with a bi-level rinse tank and faucet to wash the camera and equipment after dive. there is a hanging portion for the wetsuit, hot/freshwater showers. The main deck of Calipso liveaboard has a spacious open-air dining space and an indoor salon with large windows on each side to provide the charismatic views. The open space of the sundeck has a jacuzzi and many cushioned sun beds, comfy sofas and deck chairs, which makes this area a perfect spot on the floating resort to enjoy a chilled cocktail with an astonishing view of the beautiful archipelago.

Food and Entertainment

You can find a cozy and air-conditioned salon, which is well-equipped with a variety of entertainment options like a large flat-screen TV, surround sound system, mini-bar and access to the internet. Calipso swags as the only liveaboard that offers free access to the internet on the Galapagos Island. When it comes to meals, you won’t be disappointed by the creativity and scrumptious skills of the chefs of Calipso liveaboard. The chef onboard serves western and Ecuadorian cuisines in a buffet style.

When to go

The temperature of the water is cool despite the fact, that Galapagos and the archipelago lie on the Equator. The currents made in the cold water and upwelling can process thermoclines ranging 13-degree centigrade. However, the average temperature of the surface is 21- 24-degree centigrade, which is slightly warmer at Darwin Island. You can have amazing visibility ranging from 5-30 meters.

Where to book:

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