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Bigkanu - Review 2022

Experience an all nature safari adventure with the Bignaku liveaboard. It is perfect for charters and family weekend getaways and can travel to the most remote areas where other boats can’t. The itinerary is exclusive for those who want to experience and observe the natural wonders of Indonesia. Travel to different islands to see limestones bursting out of the water, coral gardens and private beaches. Snorkeling is a great way to explore and view marine life such as baby sharks, bump head parrot fish and pinnacles. The friendly guides and staff ensure to give the best service that this liveaboard can offer.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

  • check-mark
    Many people were happy with the exploration to the many islands.
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    Some people noted that the boat is well kept and has a modern slick style to it.
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    Many people stated that the crew was hospitable and made the trip more lively and interesting.
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    The food on board the Bigkanu was well prepared and offered deliciousness every day.
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    The waters were warm and crystal clear filled with lots of marine life.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markSome people were taken back by the small nature of the vessel.
  • check-markSome people claimed that the chef overdid some of the dishes.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Bigkanu liveaboard in Indonesia

This extraordinary vessel made for explorations can operate using solar arrays. It merely states to love the ocean more by using natural energy. This liveaboard is 24 m/78.7 feet in length and was recently renovated in 2018 to improve the safety features and the interiors.

Boat Interior

This beautiful boat can accommodate up to 9 people in its cozy cabins. Three of these cabins have folded up bed bunks, but guests can request double beds for couples upon booking. Flushing toilets are shared and there are two showers inside and outside for rinsing after a day of diving exploration. The shaded upper deck has a great ocean view and is also suitable for socialization.


The staff aboard uses locally produced ingredients for every delicious local and international dish they serve. Meals are in a buffet-style with an al fresco dining setting, perfect for a family gathering and group interactions. Complimentary drinks snacks are available throughout the safari. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase on board. Guests can inquire for vegan, vegetarian and other specific dietary requirements upon booking. They can also talk to our booking agents to assist them better.

Boat Safety and Activities

Bignaku has full navigation and safety equipment that ensures everyone’s security. Life vests are available in each room of this boat. Emergency rafts, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers are accessible for emergency cases. The staff members are trained to give first aid, and they can respond to any onboard situation.

Guests will never experience any idle time during the trip. They can use the A/V entertainment system to have an enjoyable movie night. The library offers various magazines and marine life books for children and those young at heart. Use kayaks to explore the ocean and snorkeling for underwater explorations. Guests need to arrange their rental needs upon booking and pay with cash aboard.

Tourists may need to purchase sim cards to use the mobile internet and to communicate with their family and friends back home.


The friendly staff welcomes guests with cocktails and snacks upon arrival. A mandatory introduction and briefing is given to provide guests with all the safety instructions as well as an itinerary walkthrough.

Raja Ampat has four symbolic islands along with other small tiny islands. Villagers believe many mystical stories about this spot and those fantasy stories still exist up to this day. Caves have beautiful stalactites and stalagmites with a neat natural arrangement. Waigeo has rich wildlife forests with many endemic animals and a variety of plant species. Gam has a lively jungle with red birds, bats, cuscus, and orchids. The breathtaking marine life, historical spots, and cultural sites give an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits. The best time to cruise around Indonesia is from April to October when it is less likely to rain. The crew on board are always on hand to assist the passengers during the trip.

Where to book:

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