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M/C Anahi - Review 2022


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Explore the best of Galapagos with M/C Anahi. The luxurious boat was built to provide comfort and convenience to all its guests, divers and non divers alike, as it is equipped with all the necessary facilities and the most well-appointed amenities. Surely, M/C Anahi will be the best boat for your Galapagos adventure!

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Reasons to buy:

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    Many people were happy with going to the jungle and camping in the outdoors.
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    Several divers commended the diving instructor on making the experience immersive and all inclusive.
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    Some people stated that the cabins were always clean and the boat itself is in an immaculate condition.
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    The food on-board the Anahi is world class and they cater to everyone's needs.

Reasons NOT to buy:

  • check-markA few people claimed that there were minor issues with the air conditioner as it got extremely hot.
  • check-markSome divers said that there were a limited amount of animal wild life.

Where to book:

Where to book:

Diving on the M/C Anahi in Galapagos

M/C Anahi houses a total of 8 cabins, 6 of which are twin and the other 2 are suites, and are all equipped with en-suite bathroom facilities, comfortable beds, air conditioning units, a dresser, ample storage space, and a safe for valuables. Also, all of the cabins have a classic interior – wooden floors and bright shade, and the large windows allow for great ocean views. The two suites that are located on the upper deck have all of the mentioned amenities, however the cabins are slightly larger and are equipped with an additional sofa area. Also, M/C Anahi features an indoor saloon that is equipped with air-conditioning units, comfortable sofas, modern entertainment systems, a mini library, and a spacious indoor dining area, which are both located on the main deck. While the upper deck is where guests could find the Jacuzzi, sun lounges, and the bar.

M/C Anahi, which was built in 2006 in Guayaquil, Equador, is a Power Catamaran Yacht that is renowned for its quality service and superb itineraries. It is equipped with all of the necessary facilities and amenities for a perfect cruising experience. The guests are assisted by experienced and helpful crew members, which speak well English and Spanish. For those who would like to have guides that speak other languages such as German and French, you may request that upon booking.

It features a large saloon, which is equipped with an air conditioning unit, large sofas, a television set with speakers, modern entertainment systems such as a DVD player, computers, and a mini library. This is a convenient indoor place for socialization during the night or in between dives.

The sun deck is located on the upper deck and has a shaded area. This is suitable for everyone who prefers to spend their time in the open area, relaxing on the comfortable sun loungers, basking in the sun and achieving that perfect tan, while having a view of the marvelous blue waters of Galapagos. The area is equipped with a Jacuzzi for six people and the bar is located on the main deck as well, perfect for everybody’s chill-out time whether on a hot sunny day or during the cold late night.

The safety facilities on board are guaranteed to be efficient since it checked and maintained on a regular basis, and it is in accordance with the international standards. Life jackets, emergency rafts, efficient firefighting facilities, oxygen, and first aid kits are available on board. In every cabin and in the saloon, a fire extinguisher is also available.


A total of 8 spacious cabins are available on board. On the main deck, 6 twin cabins are equipped with en-suite bathroom facilities, comfortable beds, air conditioning units, a dresser, ample storage space, and a safe for valuables. The other 2 cabins are suite-type and are located on the upper deck, with all of the amenities as the twin cabins, however, they are slightly larger and have a sofa installed.

The rooms have a cozy feel for the high-class wooden floor and the warm interiors. Plus, the windows are large, which provide romantic ocean views.


The dining area is located on the main deck, and is equipped with comfortable tables and chairs, and a temperature control system.

Guests will surely enjoy the international cuisine that is served three times a day in buffet style. The ingredients are all fresh and locally sourced, which guarantees that M/C Anahi only serves the freshest and the best.


M/C Anahi navigates the beautiful islands of Galapagos, including the islands of Santa Cruz, Isabela, Santiago, Bartolome, San Cristobal and Espanola. These sites are all rich in marine species, perfect for snorkeling, kayaking, diving, or hiking adventures. Guests may choose from 4, 5, or 8 days, whichever they may prefer. Nevertheless, guests will surely experience the best of Galapagos with M/C Anahi.

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