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Amr Ali Sea defender has a complete set of equipment to conduct Bio-tourism activities and trips to enhance environmental awareness and passion for the marine environment. Guests can do great diving while learning more about the Red Sea. HEPCA will adhere to the highest environmental standards available. Everyone is invited to learn about conservation and to join this association on their work and research trips. Together with Amr Red Sea Defender, each and everyone can enrich their knowledge on how to protect this ecosystem. This vessel is a beneficial platform through researching as well fostering true admiration of marine resources.

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Things we like:

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    Many people were happy with the the spacious and ultra slick look of the the Amr Ali.
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    Many people noted that the crew was conversational and very welcoming.
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    Some divers said they got to see a diverse amount of marine life and some unexpected shark sightings.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markA couple of people noted that the cabins were really small.
  • check-markSome divers claimed that the briefs carried out by the instructors did not cover all of their concerns.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Amr Ali Red Sea Defender in Egypt

Amr Ali Red Sea Defender is HEPCA’s [Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association] flagship and the most well-known member of its fleet. It is a magnificent 30 m diving liveaboard that can accommodate 18 guests and 12 vessel crew members. By boarding this cruise ship, guests can also take part in the marine educational projects and learn more about environmental conservation. Everybody has a chance to be included in the growing popularity of a ‘tourism for a cause trip.’

Boat Interior

Amr Ali Red Sea Defender can house a total of 18 passengers. This vessel has six double cabins, two suites and one triple-cabin with individual air-conditioning in each room. There is a spacious lounge for relaxing after every dive and a dining area with a flat-screen TV where guests can watch the latest movies. There is also a sound system to enjoy lovely music during the safari, Wi-Fi and board games. Passengers may also experience science diving expeditions by taking part in scientific research. Guests can enjoy the ocean view while drinking at the outdoor bar, sun decks for sunbath, covered decks for relaxing and napping and a big dive deck.


The roomy, air-conditioned restaurant on the main deck serves a variety of international, Italian and local Egyptian delicacies in a buffet style. All diets, as well as halal and vegetarian meals, are available with advanced notice. There are snacks in between meals, and they are served together with tea, coffee, water, and soft drinks. Beverages on board are complimentary and free-flowing. The onboard bar doesn’t serve alcohol, but guests are allowed to bring their own.

Dive deck

Amr Ali Red Sea Defender is big enough for all divers on board to prepare for their dive expeditions and to maintain their dive gears. There are hanging areas for wetsuit and storage boxes for the dive gear. The boat can supply search equipment and 12l tanks. All necessary safety equipment as well as life rafts, life jackets, first aid kits, and fire fighting equipment are on board to ensure everyone’s safety.

Itinerary and Educational Research

Explore the most excellent sites the Red Sea can offer. Join the Red Sea dolphin and turtle expedition and spend time among the colorful reefs, tropical fish as well and learn more about the marine life thanks to the HEPCA experts. Throughout this tour, guest divers may collect data about dolphins and sea turtles together with the marine experts and discover why these animals are vital to the Red Sea’s ecosystem. There are a total of 16 dives including night dives. These kind of expeditions have been selected carefully to give complete awareness to those who will join on board.

When to Go

The Red Sea is open all year round for expeditions. Spring and autumn are the Summer months can sometimes bring lower visibility. Amr Ali Red Sea Defender gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the Red Sea and the remote dive sites.

Where to book:

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