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As one of the pioneers of cruising in the Northern atolls, the Amba yacht makes sure to offer diving holidays away from the mass crowds known to flock the Maldivian islands. Because the itinerary is relatively new, guests can experience dives to the yet unspoiled coral reefs and thilas (underwater mountains) of the island paradise. With secret diving locations included, there are greater opportunities for underwater photographers and videographers to capture the Maldivian seascape in a different perspective. Measuring 33 meters or about 108 feet, this liveaboard has a sailing history dating back to 2004. With a complete renovation undergone in 2016 and annual checks each summers, the Amba mightily hurdles the waves and currents of Maldives.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Many people were happy with the service of the crew.
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    Some people stated that the liveaboard was clean and there was an order to everything.
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    Many divers said the excursions to the other islands were insightful and a learning experience.
  • check-mark
    The food was well prepared and tasty.
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Things we don't like:

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    Some divers said the only cover outside in the rain was the smoking section.
  • check-mark
    A couple of people noted that the water wasn't clear when they went diving.
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Diving on the Amba in the Maldives

The main saloon also serves as the dining area, where freshly meals are served each day for the duration of the cruise. There is also an entertainment area where music and movies can be played. Board games are also stored for fun challenges and for making new acquaintances. For book lovers, some selection of books resides in the library.

The boat’s shadow deck serves as the outdoor lounge. This is where one can relax in the leisure time outside of the diving activities.

The boat also has a sun deck where one can enjoy the sun, tanning on one of the reclined loungers, or just take a nap. This is also where the best panoramic views can be seen.

The The Internet can instantly connect anyone to the mainland to get a glimpse of what’s happening or perhaps letting others know that you’ve indulged in a cruising holiday!

The Cabins

Capable of accommodating 22 guests, Amba takes pride for its 11 spacious cabins where elegance and comfort meet to contribute to a luxury liveaboard experience. The cabins on the upper deck are either two Standard Cabins which have double beds or can be converted into Twin Rooms to share with another guest. There is also an option for any of the two Luxury Cabins which have provisions of their own private sun deck. The other seven cabins are conveniently located at the lower deck. All cabins have their individual air-conditioning controls and private bathrooms. They all have portholes or windows except for the luxury type which has a panoramic window for a better view of the outside scenery.

Food and Beverage

For the most-satisfying liveaboard dining experience, the management assures that the best-tasting dishes from International and Maldivian cuisines are prepared for them.

Equally-delicious snacks are also served in between the full meals, just when the body needs some refueling for the next diving adventure or for some onboard fun. Aside from juices, carbonated drinks, coffee and tea, there are also offerings of cocktails, beers, and fine wines. Whatever it is that might just quench a guest’s hunger, Amba has them all!


The cruising length is an average of 8 days or 7 nights, taking guests to the far northern side of the Haa Alifu and Haa Dhaalu atoll. It also offers regular cruises of the Baa and Raa atolls. The yacht’s itineraries assure guests of a diverse diving experience where a multitude of marine species thrives to make one perfect seascape. The sites explored offer high chances of encounters with mantas, reef sharks, stingrays, leopard sharks, and hammerhead sharks among others with regular sightings of common varieties of fish, mollusks, and crustaceans.

Guests are taken to the spectacular dive sites using the dhoni. It is a traditional Maldivian vessel with storage for diving gear and equipment. Aside from heading to the dive spots, the dhoni is also used for land excursions to some of Maldives’ uninhabited islands.

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