How to Open a Dive Resort – Part 2: Nomad Divers Bangka is Open!

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Our first guests arrived a week before our official opening of Nomad Divers Banka Dive Resort. You can also read part one: how we build our own dive resort.

We were ready for the guest so we gave them a 10% discount. On the day of arrival I stayed to help clean and make sure everything was ready and my husband went to the airport to pick up the guests.

About half an hour before they arrived I did a last check of the room; everything was swept, new bedding, towels, toilet roll, everything perfect but then I noticed a lampshade was missing from the bedroom!

I grabbed a ladder and sent up our cousin who has been staying with us, and within a few minutes our little crisis was fixed!

A great Week

Rich Carey

The week went well, we had two couples with us, the first were photographers and the second new divers who had qualified in Bunaken.

The uw photographers required lots of time with their subjects – spending up to 20 minutes with a frogfish on one dive! – and the newer divers wanted to explore more, so our dive guide took the photographers whilst I guided the newbies.

We had fun and looked at the day’s photos each evening. Halfway through their stay I asked if we could make any changes or improvements for them, and they asked for more fruit and vegetables and cookies after diving – great idea! That day we managed to buy some and there were cookies and watermelon laid out after the next dive!

Jon Milnes

It’s scary asking for feedback but essential I think so that we can improve and make our guests happy.

When we opened we thought we had everything we needed for a great dive trip from our point of view, but obviously every diver is different and so new ideas are always welcome!

Guests from home

After our first clients my parents visited for two weeks. It was amazing to show them what we had done and again get some more ideas.

My Dad helped to build and my Mum sewed new cushions with me, and both painted and generally aided our development! We also bought a new four stroke engine that week. It’s a lot quieter than the old ones and as its new it runs like a dream!

Kristina Vackova

Our next guests were an American couple who were really lovely, very relaxed and very social. They brought little gifts with them for us which was really generous, and we had a really fun time with them!

They dived three times a day and spotted cuttlefish tending to her eggs, mating cowries, amazing scorpionfish and saw dolphins every morning in the bay! At the end of their stay we dropped them off in Lembeh for another week’s diving.

The surprises of running your own place

So we now had 2 weeks before our next guests came! We decided to move into the beach cottage with its gorgeous views and do some more maintenance.

Nomad Divers Bangka

A day later we got a phone call from a resort in Lembeh saying that they had 2 guests wanting to come and stay with us for at least 2 nights.

No problem! We moved out, prepared the beach cottage and picked them up the next day in Lembeh.

They were a French couple who spoke a little bit of English, and we speak a little bit of French so we managed to communicate quite well!

Again these people were really relaxed and we had a really good time with them. They ended up staying for 4 nights and we ended their diving with a dive at the beautiful Paradise Jetty – a dive in black sand where you finish under the jetty with hot water vents and loads of life around you!

We arranged their onward journey to a resort in the highlands from where they would take tours of the volcano, fresh water lake and hot springs.

Is it your dream to open a Dive Resort as well? Where in the world are you planning to do it? If you enjoyed Sophies article about Opening a Dive Resort leave her a Comment, below!


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