Going Pro: How To Become A Dive Master

Going Pro: How To Become A Dive Master
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Taking scuba diving from a passion sport to one that makes money can seem like a thrilling prospect.

The sport you love can become a career and might be the perfect way to get a job in the travel Industry. One way to accomplish this is through the divemaster certification training program. The following information explains just what this certification program is, why it should be considered, and just what to expect when venturing into it.

What is a Divemaster?

Before you seek the requirements to becoming a divemaster, you may wonder just what this certification entails and what it is for. When becoming a divemaster, an individual is taking their scuba knowledge to a heightened level. Read Simon’s real-life account From Normal Life to a Scuba Diver Life. They are, essentially, working to become an expert in the field. This expertise is needed in order for an individual to be capable of taking a group of individuals out on the water. That is, they can become responsible for a group of scuba divers with this certification. If looking to become a dive instructor or even an assistant instructor, this certification is important. Without it, you will not be certified to teach the subject and sport at all. Further, the certification is recognized in most places around the world affording those who complete it the option of transportability.

A dive master adjusting a student’s gear
A dive master adjusting a student’s gear
Photo by: Gina Smith


Individuals wish to become a divemaster for a variety of reasons. One reason is the increased knowledge and experience regarding scuba diving is increased by practicing, studying, and taking the certification exam. If simply trying to become more informed, this can be a great way. Others wish to parlay their scuba passion into careers. As aforementioned, individuals will not be able to teach groups of individuals about scuba diving without this certification. If wanting to teach, this is a necessary that must be completed. Furthermore, if you are looking to run your own scuba business, this is an important certification as well. You will have the knowledge necessary to teach private lessons as a capitalistic or business enterprise, or simply have individual lessons on the side.

A dive instructor conducts a one on one lesson – Credit: PhotoSky 4t com
A dive instructor conducts a one on one lesson – Credit: PhotoSky 4t com

How To Become a Dive Master

Now that the benefits of becoming a divemaster have been extolled, it is important to understand how this certification is awarded or earned. Here’s more about the Benefits of Being a Dive Instructor. There are three parts of this journey. First, an individual must have classroom experience. They will have to study the current trends in scuba diving, safety, and in methods. This is an important foundational basis to really understanding the current state of the sport. Another aspect will be independent study. This means that the divemaster candidate will have to be disciplined enough to make the efforts that they need in order that they can achieve what they need to in becoming a divemaster. Further, this same training will also have to go through a supervised portion. An individual will have to be evaluated and guided by an instructor teaching the course in order to understand that they have a full breadth of understanding. Hours must be logged and different plateaus reached even prior to beginning the training tasks and certification as well as after. It is a complicated, involved, and disciplined course of study but the possibilities upon completion are virtually endless!

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