Diving in Sydney: Delightful Suburbia Diving

Diving in Sydney: Delightful Suburbia Diving

When you think of Sydney, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is not the diving, but likely the world famous Sydney Opera House.


However, Sydney is home to many world class dives where you will find weedy sea dragons, sea horses, pajama squid, blue ringed octopus, wobbegong sharks and so much more. The diversity of marine life will have you astounded and wanting more.

Diving Bare Island


Easily one of the coolest dive sites, you can dive here in almost any kind of conditions.

Home to one of the friendliest blue gropers you will ever meet, there is so much to explore around the island that will have you guessing at what you might see next. The left or right hand side, or maybe you want to go looking for the isolated reef, the choice really is up to you!

The Leap and The Steps

Located in Kurnell at Botany Bay National Park, this site is known for the giant stride entry you have to make.

But fear not; it’s only about one meter and well worth the drop.

The best time to dive is on an incoming tide as you exit the water at The Steps, which is about a 45-minute easy drift dive down the coastline. Here, you may have the pleasure of meeting a weedy sea dragon or two. If you want to see one, make sure you keep a close eye on the bountiful brown seaweed famous for hiding these guys.

Lilli Pilli Point Reserve

Located within Port Hacking, this dive site is an unexpected gem. If you are adventurous enough, you may want to experience it as a night dive.

Another dive site that can be dived in almost any kind of weather because of its sheltered location, this is where you will find the most unique, nocturnal marine animals.


Keep your eyes peeled for you may very well see the notorious and venomous blue ringed octopus. The possibilities are endless.

Diving ShipRock

As an aquatic reserve, this site is home to a wide variety of fish, including anglerfish or also known as frogfish. One of the city’s most popular dive sites, it can only be dived on a high-slack tide. Be aware that the visibility is usually not the greatest but do not let that deter you from diving here.

There is so much to see!

The Best Way to Get Around

You will get the most out of these dive sites by having them shown to you. My recommendation is to go with Abyss Scuba Diving. The biggest perk about this dive shop is they offer free, guided dives for certified divers on the weekend.

Have you ever dived in Sydney? What dive site did you like the best? Leave your favorite dive spot in the comment below!


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So who does actually charge for guided dives? None of the shops I’ve dived with over the years!


Looks like a blast!

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