Christmas Diving – Merry Christmas to All Scuba Divers

Christmas Diving - Merry Christmas to All Scuba Divers

So the holidays are upon us and it’s time for the annually dive around the Christmas tree, diving with Santa or just a Christmas day dive.

All around the world divers are jumping in the water to experience a holiday dive. Dive operators are offering Liveaboard trips with holiday discount so you can celebrate it on the boat and get the diving as the presents.

Scuba Diving doing Christmas holiday

Scuba Santa’s in the UK is a traditions where scuba divers meet up dressed as Santa to raise money for charity. They started in 2007, and raising a few hundred pounds, this year they raised more than £20.000. A great achievement and in the spirit of Christmas.

Dancing underwater

In Denmark local clubs are gathering to “dance” around the tree underwater. It’s a Danish Christmas tradition to dance around the tree Christmas Eve so of cause divers are doing the same underwater.

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Usually the clubs meet up on the 24th and go for an early midday dive. We then dance around the Christmas tree underwater and end up wishing each other a Merry Christmas. It’s a great way of spending Christmas day!

Share your Christmas Scuba Story

Do you have any Christmas diving traditions? Leave a comment below, and share your best Scuba holiday memory!

Happy holidays everyone and the Best wishes from the team.


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