Aqualung Omni BCD

Jeeps, Camper Vans, and now even BCDs all have unique, individualized customizations to make them mirror your personality. Like the Aqualung Rogue, the Aqualung Omni BCD is entirely modular. The Omni BCD allows you to pick the right size and style backplate, shoulder strap, and cumberbund and add it to the Aqualung air cell to create a customized fit for your Jacket-Style BCD.

Aqualung doesn’t stop there. They have added a color kit that allows you to customize the look of your BCD. You can choose one of 6 colors for your chest strap, zipper pulls, weight pockets, inflater hose, and octo & console retainers.

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Things we like:

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    Modular Design
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    Custom Colors
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    Ability to move from a Jacket to Winged BCD by switching out the Air Cell
  • check-mark
    Wrapture™ Harness System distributes weight to walk easier on land and prevents riding up in the water

Things we don't like:

  • check-markExpensive for a Beginner BCD

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Aqualung Omni BCD

Specs & Features

  • Body: Jacket Style with Modular Design -Choose Size Small/Medium/Large for Each Component: Air Cell, Back, Shoulder, and Waist
  • Adjustment Points: Shoulders, Chest, and Cumberbund
  • Chest Strap: Yes, moveable & removable
  • Integrated Weights: Weight-Click Lock System
  • Tank Attachment: 1 Tank Strap, with Grip Lock tank band
  • Lift Capacity (Air Cell): Small: 31 lbs/14kg Medium: 36 lbs/16.3kg Large: 47 lbs/21.32kg
  • Weight Capacity: 20 lbs/9kg
  • Clips/D-Rings: 4 D-Rings
  • Colors: 6 Colors Available - Custom Color Kit
  • Trim Tabs: Not included; but can be added on for an additional price
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Custom Fit with a Modular Design

The Omni is a modular BCD, but don’t let the fact that you build this BCD yourself stop you from considering it. (All parts must be put together before your first dive.)

When ordering for the first time, you should make sure you select the sizes you need for the different components to customize your fit. There is the option to order all the components in one size, the traditional way, if that is what you prefer. Whether you choose different sizes for the components or if you have everything the same size, if you ever need to replace only one piece of the system, it’s simple, you only need to order that one part.

Each part of the Omni can be sized separately. The sizes come in Small, Medium, and Large.

The components that need to be ordered and assembled are:

  • Aqualung Omni Air Cell (The Air Cell System is interchangeable with the Aqualung Rogue Winged BCD.)

  • Aqualung Omni Back Assembly (Rigid or Soft)

  • Aqualung Omni Shoulder Assembly

  • Aqualung Omni Waistband Assembly

  • Aqualung Omni Color Kit

Once you receive your Omni, lay out the pieces and click them together. The connection points connect via a ModLock.

To separate each piece, you will need a key or pen to depress the safety lock before detaching each section from the other. This extra step prevents the accidental separation of the ModLock on a dive.

The ability to have size variations, like the Zeagle Zena or Fury, allows for a custom fit. It also lengthens the life span of your BCD, allowing you to replace pieces of the BCD without replacing the entire setup.

Perfect for if you are hard on your gear or dive in more extreme environments.

Aqualung Omni Bcd Custom Fit

Step 1 – Choose your Air Cell

While the Omni comes with a jacket-style Air Cell, you can choose to swap it out with the Aqualung Rogue Air Cell, which results in a winged BCD.



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Step 2 – Choose Shoulder Strap Size

To make the shoulder straps more comfortable and give you a better range of motion, it comes with a hinged connection point at the shoulder attachment.

This hinged connection is part of Aqualung’s patented Wrapture™ Harness System. The goal of this system is to help prevent your BCD from riding up on the surface.

In addition, when you exit the water, the hinges move the tank to your hips and closer to your standing center of gravity. A great feature if you do a lot of shore diving.

To measure your shoulder strap size, take the tape measure from the top of your natural waist on your front to the top of your natural waist on the back. Not sure where your natural waist is; check out how to measure your cumberbund below.

Don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string, bathrobe tie, or dress tie; then measure it against a ruler.


Step 3 – Choose Chest Strap Color

For comfort, we love chest straps that are removable and adjustable. Adjusting or removing the chest strap allows you to create comfort while underwater.

Bonus, when you purchase the color kit, you can pick the color chest strap that matches your other gear or personality.

Aqualung Omni Bcd Strap Colors

Step 4 – Choose Your Cumberbund Size

As you continue to customize your Omni, pick the cumberbund size.

Your natural waist determines your cumberbund size. To find your natural waist, place your hands on your hips, and feel for the top of your hip bones. The tape measure sits right above the hip bone. Ironically, this is right where your BCD should rest. Then check the sizing chart for the correct size.

Note: Your natural waist is not necessarily where you wear your belt.

The Omni has integrated weight pockets whose handles match your color option.


Step 5 – Choose Your Back Plate

The Omni Back Plate comes in a rigid or soft option. If you like to travel, consider the soft back plate. It is easier to fold.

If you like the Zeagle Ranger with its rigid backplate but still want to travel with your scuba kit. Check out the Omni. The Modular nature of the Omni means each piece separates so you can break down your equipment when you travel, making packing easier.

Each backplate has a pad inside the color kit that attaches to the back plate for added comfort.


Step 6 -Pick Your Color

You can choose from traditional Black, White, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue colors on your BCD.

The Omni is typically sold as a package. If you see a price too good to be true, chances are you have only added one part of the BCD to your cart.


Jacket-Style BCD with GripLock Tank Strap

After you assemble your BCD, you will have a durable Jacket-style BCD. One feature we love is the style of the tank band that comes standard on the Omni.

This tank band comes apart like a belt buckle, it is called the GripLock. The D-Ring on one side of the band then connects around the back of the tank and locks into place with a two-step process.

Step 1 allows you to set the D-Ring and hook, and step 2 will let you move your hands and lock the tank strap down.

Unique Features: Grommets, D-Rings, and Pockets

The Omni is a fully functioning BCD. It has grommets for a knife, four D-Rings along with zippered pockets. You can unzip the pockets from back to front or front to back, a handy little feature.

For most BCDs, there is a tradeoff between attachment sites and pockets. The Omni has a nice balance of both, with four D-Rings, two nice-sized pockets, and a knife grommet. This way, your knife isn’t taking up space that can be used for other accessories (dive slates, cameras, flashlights, etc.).


The top two D-Rings are pre-bent to allow them to sit slightly off the shoulder pad, making it easier to clip gear to the ring.

The Omni has plenty of room to store accessories on a streamlined dive setup. Other BCDs, like the Zeagle Ranger, have more D-Rings.

Before purchasing your BCD, it is a good idea to decide which accessories you need and where to attach them to ensure you get the accessibility you want.


Price & Quality

Aqualung uses a proprietary durable material and Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams in this BCD, which means it is built to last.

Although it is an expensive BCD, the modular components give an extra bang for your buck. If you get a tear in a should strap, you can simply replace only the shoulder strap. The upside to a modular BCD is you only have to replace a damaged part, not the entire setup.

Overall the Omni is a high-quality BCD, especially if you desire custom fit and color options.

Do We recommend it?

The Omni is a great BCD with lots of features. It is perfect for recreational divers or dive professionals (Dive Masters or Instructors). Technical divers will love the fit of the Omni, but the Omni can’t carry two tanks like other BCDs.

If you like a jacket-style BCD, but struggle with a snug fit, then the Omni is the BCD for you. The ability to size all of the key pieces of your BCD will allow you to create a custom fit for your specific body shape and size

Overall, the Omni is a high-quality BCD that allows for a custom fit while not sacrificing accessory storage or BCD functionality.

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Things we like:

  • check-mark
    Modular Design
  • check-mark
    Custom Colors
  • check-mark
    Ability to move from a Jacket to Winged BCD by switching out the Air Cell
  • check-mark
    Wrapture™ Harness System distributes weight to walk easier on land and prevents riding up in the water

Things we don't like:

  • check-markExpensive for a Beginner BCD

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Modular BCD?

A Modular BCD is completely customizable. Each piece of the BCD is sized or chosen separately. You choose shoulder straps, front corset, and cumberbund size. You can then choose soft or rigid backplates, and jacket-style or winged BC setup.

Interested in exploring a modular BCD, Dive into our reviews of the Zeagle Zena or Fury which can come with Zeagle’s Personal Fit System and the Aqualung Omni.

What is the Best BCD? Or Which BCD Should I Choose?

Are you ready to purchase a Buoyancy Control Device?

The options can be overwhelming. Start by determining your budget; there are great BCDs at all price points. Next, decide what features are the most important to you. For example, do you dive with a camera and need more D-Rings or pockets? You may not be able to have everything you want in a BCD, but if you know your priorities, making the decision is more straightforward.

Finally, determine the importance of weight (think travel BCD like the CressiTravel Light). If the fit is more important, consider a modular (like the Aqualung Omni) or specifically for women (like the TUSA Tina). Are you a technical or professional diver? Then consider the Zeagle Fury or Ranger LTD.

Once you start reading reviews, dig deep, and you will find the BCD that meets most, if not all, of your needs and desires. Checkout our reviews of the Best Scuba Diving BCDs.

How Does a BCD Hold a Scuba Tank?

Your tank holds the air you need to breathe underwater. Your BCD has straps on the back of the Air Cell that secure your tank to your BCD, and then your BCD attaches to you.

The better your tank placement and gear setup, the better it works underwater. Some tank straps have traditional thread-through connectors like the Zeagle Zena. Almost everyone is familiar with this strap and how it works, but it can be hard to move from tank to tank if you have two tank straps.

Other BCDs use Grip Lock attachments like the Aqualung Omni. These tank straps connect like a belt buck. A Grip-Lock tank attachment is easier to secure the tank to the BCD.

Why are tank straps important? Your scuba tank placement affects your buoyancy. Check out this article on how to use your tank straps to improve your buoyancy.

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