A Divers Dream Come True: Wakatobi Dive Resort

While Wakatobi Dive Resort provides firsts for its visitors:

Their first time to see rare sightings of Clingfish, Rumengani, and the newly discovered Ghost Pipefish.

Their first time below the water with the night seas illuminated on a fluoro dive only to come to the surface with the star-filled night sky above in full brilliance in the remote location.

For many, though, they are back for their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th experience.

The care, protection, and commitment to the resort’s Collaborative Reef Conservation Program are apparent in the healthy coral and vibrant and abundant sea life. Making it no surprise Wakatobi Dive Resort House Reef is known as one of the Best Shore Dives in the World and bringing many visitors back again and again.

Wakatobi is a dive resort in Southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia.

In a tranquil island setting far from crowds and cities, with no other divers for at least 100 miles, Wakatobi seamlessly blends five-star amenities and luxury with a pristine natural environment; a pairing that has secured its reputation as one of the world’s finest diving and snorkeling destinations.

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Wakatobi Difference–Teeming with Life and Sustainability

Wakatobi Dive Resort 27
Warty Frogfish (Antennarius Maculatus)
Wakatobi Dive Resort 21
Wakatobi Dive Site Karang Kapota
Wakatobi Dive Resort 11
Green turtle, Indonesia

Situated near the heart of the Coral Triangle, Wakatobi’s waters are known for having the highest level of marine biodiversity on the planet, which the staff works tirelessly to preserve.

The resort’s Collaborative Reef Conservation Program was established from the beginning of the resort and aims to give a sense of ownership and stewardship to the local population with regular lease payments to communities to ensure no-fishing zones.

The resort goes above and beyond protecting its marine sanctuary with reef patrols and boat moorings to prevent anchor damage.

Wakatobi Dive Resort 12

Wakatobi’s House Reef has been named the world’s best shore dive and is available to divers and snorkelers day and night. The rich and diverse reef located 80 meters from shore features a menagerie of marine life and impressive hard and soft coral.

With calm conditions and shallow reefs, snorkeling is comfortable and accessible for all guests. You can keep everyone together even when boat trips are planned. As long as there is a shallow area, snorkelers will have plenty to experience along with their diving group members

Wakatobi Dive Boats WS14377

Taxi boat service is available to ferry guests to remote locations of the house reef. The shallow shelf drops off in a series of steep slopes and walls for you to float along past huge schools of fish and technicolor coral and sponges.

With almost 4 dozen dive sites in close proximity, divers and snorkelers are not limited to the house reef. The diversity of dive experiences will impress even the most seasoned dive traveler. There are shallow reefs, sheltered bays, and coral-covered pinnacles teeming with wildlife.

It’s a good idea to get Nitrox certified before your visit to Wakatobi. With the vast amount of diving available and the neverending reefs, you are going to want to be underwater as much as possible.

The reef is just as alive at night and just as accessible whether you want to join a scheduled night dive or just wade in from the shore to spot busy octopi, lobsters, and shrimp heading out to hunt. The resort also offers fluorescence (fluoro) diving, given that South East Asia is the best place on the planet for this underwater natural light show.

Denises Pygmy Seahorse Robert Kreuzer
Cuttlefish The Zoo Site
This crocodilefish eye was shot with two Ikelite strobes with blue dichroic filters and gamma lights fitted with gels in red, yellow and orange.
At Wakatobi Resort, diving doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. In fact, many underwater photographers find nighttime to be prime time for creating unique images
Using special lights and mask filters provided by Wakatobi’s Dive Center, divers and snorkelers can see the unique florescent characteristics of certain animals in glowing, neon-like hues, such as those radiating off this lizardfish.
An interesting aspect of the fluo diving experience is that the colors are so vivid they can be seen at greater distances
The bright green soft coral is the only thing that is actually fluorescing. Combining light sources restores the lost details of the reef while still showcasing fluorescent effects
Bobtail Squid (Euprymna Berryi). Wakatobi, Indonesia

Unlike many other dive operators, Wakatobi, as usual, is ready to give their divers the best possible experience, providing them with the necessary yellow visor and blue-light underwater flashlight for fluoro diving.

The reefs extend from 1 meter below the surface to depths of over 100 meters. This range of depth allows for extended-range divers the chance for deep exploration. And it is not just about the reefs.  Wakatobi is researching the opportunity to add blackwater diving to an already long list of dives.

The Fleet–Unexpected Luxury

Wakatobi Dive Resort 13

Wakatobi Dive Resort’s fleet of classic wooden Indonesian dive boats is impressive and the best way to discover the full scope and beauty of the marine reserve.

The fleet is beautiful and designed for comfort and ease. Every boat contains a full-length roof for shelter and full working bathrooms with freshwater showers. At roughly 22 meters a piece, the boats can carry up to 24 passengers. However, each excursion is limited to 16 (often carrying just around 12) to ensure ample space for divers and their gear. Water entries and exits are also in the middle of the boat, which shelters divers from engine exhaust. Every boat in Wakatobi Dive Resort fleet is a first-class experience.

Available for private all-day charters, the fleet is docked and ready to sweep divers away to the most incredible diving locations on the planet, including The Blade. This unique geologic formation of thin parallel seamounts with colorful sponges and 2-3m sea fans growing from its surface is magical and unforgettable.

But for the ultimate diving experience, The Pelagian is not to be missed.

The Pelagian–A Cut Above

For peak diving luxury, Wakatobi has commissioned Indonesia’s premiere diving yacht, The Pelagian. This 35-meter luxury yacht combines world-class diving with five-star onboard service for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Available for week-long and extended dive excursions, The Pelagian offers divers the opportunity to take their experience to the next level in every way.

Five luxurious designer cabins are spacious and equipped with full ensuite shower rooms. The dining is world-class and the common areas are anything but ordinary. Every experience on the Pelagian provides guests with ultimate comfort, ease, and relaxation after a long day in the water.

Master Suite

The Pelagian carries a maximum of ten guests, catered to by a staff of 12. This limited capacity allows for the ultimate guest experience with the same high standard of comfort and service experienced throughout the resort. Every detail is handled by the expert crew, from attentive cabin and dining service to diving preparations and in-water support, which is second to none. The dive guides are all experts at locating even the smallest and most unique marine creatures, providing a memorable experience every time, complete with a warm towel and refreshments at its close.

With the breadth of marine biodiversity and the wide array of diving environments, underwater photographers flock to Wakatobi. The Pelagian is equipped with a climate-controlled camera room, equipped with padded workspaces, and voltage-controlled charging stations to make sure your gear is kept safe and in top condition so you don’t miss a shot.

Camera Room

For guests looking to expand their diving adventure through Wakatobi Archipelago and the muck diving mecca of South Buton Island, there is no better way to experience it than on The Pelagian.

The Resort–Ultimate Luxury Away From It All

Wakatobi Dive Resort 4

Expertly designed and locally crafted, every last inch of Wakatobi Dive Resort is well-thought-out and created to provide guests with a unique and enriching experience for those seeking recreation, relaxation, and privacy.

Wakatobi Dive Resort has made it easy to arrive at this wonderfully remote destination. You fly into Bali International Airport, where Wakatobi concierge will greet you and take over your vacation plans.

Did you plan to spend some time exploring Bali and getting over your long flight? Wakatobi Dive Resort concierge will arrange any additional hotel and luggage transfers, dinner reservations, and any other needs before your mid-morning flight to Wakatobi’s private airstrip. And once onboard the Wakatobi Guest Flight, you can simply relax and enjoy the stunning views of the reef and the beautiful blue clear water from the air.

Wakatobi Guest Flight

Paradise Found: The Amenities and Accommodations

Every inch of this perfectly-tailored resort is designed to offer guests an upscale experience. Every Bungalow and Villa was built by local craftsmen, featuring rich local wood and stone.

Private patios and wide open vistas of crystal-clear blue water and the gorgeous beach provide the perfect setting to relax after a day of world-class diving.

Wakatobi Resort Ocean Bungalows (north side of resort)

Once again, you will be amazed at how seamlessly Wakatobi Dive Resort has brought modern comforts to such a secluded location. Every bungalow has air-conditioning, Wifi, and all of the contemporary in-room amenities you would expect from a luxury resort of its caliber.

Amenities abound at this luxurious resort. The dining experience included with your stay is exceptional. Praised by guests for the quality and variety of each meal, the resort’s kitchen offers both regional and international fare to please all. The staff offers peak personalized service and will accommodate culinary requests and restrictions while providing truly memorable meals.

There is more than just diving at Wakatobi. There are perfect kitesurfing conditions during the months of July and August. Kitesurfers are provided with walkie-talkies should they need retrieval, and there are kitesurfing trainers and guides on staff.

Shallow areas and mangrove forests around the resort are perfect for paddle boarders and kayakers to explore. You can go out at your own pace or arrange a guide to show you the local secrets. Guests are welcome to head out on the nature trails for bird watching and walks to the local village, where people are happy to welcome you and you can check out the market.

For the ultimate relaxation and pampering, the onsite spa offers massages and a wide variety of treatments designed to leave guests feeling rejuvenated. The Longhouse features a media room that serves as the venue for nightly marine wildlife shows, a relaxing library space for reading and education, and a gift shop where you can find the perfect Wakatobi souvenir to take home.

Dining Wakatobi Patio

We would be remiss if we didn’t highlight the incredible staff that makes Wakatobi second to none. Every member of Wakatobi family, from the dive guides to the chefs, takes pride in meeting every need and exceeding every expectation and are the true heart and soul of this outstanding resort.

For diving enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and families looking to get away from it all, there is no better place to surround yourself with the majesty of nature in a luxurious and welcoming environment than Wakatobi Dive Resort and The Pelagian.

Wakatobi is a dive resort in Southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia.

In a tranquil island setting far from crowds and cities, with no other divers for at least 100 miles, Wakatobi seamlessly blends five-star amenities and luxury with a pristine natural environment; a pairing that has secured its reputation as one of the world’s finest diving and snorkeling destinations.

Visit their website here


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