A Shark Tribute: The 12 Best Shark Pictures

A Shark Tribute: The 12 Best Shark Pictures

To all the shark lovers around the world, here is our tribute to the sharks. It’s our way of celebrating this incredible animal in all its glory.

We’ve scoured the whole internet to find the best shark pictures for you.

Great White Shark

This is how we know the great white shark. A huge killing machine, but there’s so much more to sharks.
This is how we know the great white shark. A huge killing machine, but there’s so much more to sharks.
Photo by: Sergey Uryadnikov

Black and White Tiger Shark

“Emma” is the locally famous tiger shark ruling the waters off Tiger Beach, Bahamas. In this picture, she’s magnificently showing off her pregnant belly.

The picture was taken by Albert Kok, and he has loads of other great sharks pictures you can see right here.

Baskin Shark


This is a beautiful example of the beauty of sharks. This Baskin Shark was captured by underwater photographer Charles Hood just off of Cornwall, England. You can find more pictures of his and it might be worth considering a trip to Cornwall.

Whale Shark From above

This black and white picture of a free diver meeting a whale shark has something magical about it.

It was taken by Christian Schlamann from Blickfein. You can see more pictures from him here as well.


The Hammerhead shark has always been an iconic shark, and this beautiful picture doesn’t change that.

Taken by Rick White.

Tiger Shark Opens Wide

Matt Heat beautifully captures this tiger sharks as it fully opens its mouth. Here you really get a chance to see what the inside of a Tiger shark.

Shark Bundle

Here you’re seeing a group of Caribbean Reef Sharks circling their next meal. And no it’s not the divers, but the shark food they have in the box in the middle. This is a picture-perfect example of Shark feeding. The pros and cons of shark feeding are widely debated. Picture by Manda Nicholls.

If you want to know more about shark feeding read this Shark Feeding: Good or Bad

A Pointy Blue Shark

You’ll find this beautiful shark in deeper sub-tropical waters that never get very warm. And though this one looks very sweet it’s one of those you better stay a bit clear of, they are known to get a bit aggressive.

Picture by Dray van Beeck.

Whale Shark Feeding

This is the perfect image of Humans and Nature working side by side. This Whale shark is eating the fish that the fishermen caught. It has become a very popular attraction for divers in Cenderawasih Bay, West Papua Province, Indonesia.

This picture was taken by Paul Cowell

Sunlight and Sharks

A small group of grey reef and blacktip reef sharks swimming near the surface. This picture was taken by Brad in Yap, Micronesia.

White shark from inside a cage

It’s very common to dive down in a cage to see the great white shark, but here the shark is getting jealous and trying to get in.

The perfect timing was by Stefan Pircher

Ending Whale Shark

Just as Shark Week is ending so too is this Tribute to Sharks with this brilliant picture of a Whale Shark Swimming Away. It was taken by Mohamed Seeneen. See more of his pictures and follow him here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the shark show and will share it with all your diving and non-diving friends.


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Awesome! 😀

Torben Lonne
Torben Lonne

Hi Martin,
Thanks. The whale shark is an amazing animal. I can only agree with you, and there’s something iconic of it swimming away in the picture.

Torben Lonne
Torben Lonne

Hi Albert, Thanks. I agree and it’s already changed to belly 🙂 Thanks for a really great picture!

albert kok
albert kok

I meant lovely..!

albert kok
albert kok

Hi Torben; lovey pictures! I think Emma’s ‘pregnant belly’ is better than ‘pregnant stomach’.. (-: Cheers

Martin Jonson
Martin Jonson

This is absolutely awesome pictures! I really love the last whaleshark swimming away. There is something simply beautiful about them, so big and gentle. I have still to see my first underwater. It is the biggest diving dream for me.

Thanks to all the great photographers.

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