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If you're addicted to diving, you're most likely also addicted to travelling.
We're addicted too and have written some guides for you to travel and dive better!

Choosing A Diving Center: What You Need to Know

There is something about travelling to far off lands that sparks a dormant love of the sea. Whether you have been diving before or not you have the urge to get in and under the water. The beach is littered with dive shops offering dive trips and courses. You need to...

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Diving And Travel: The Good And The Bad

Managing complexity when traveling to foreign countries “I couldn’t possibly go to Egypt, not with the way they’ve treated foreign journalists lately” my friend told me, as we were discussing location for his upcoming dive holiday over coffee. “I don’t want to support...

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Dive Packing Guide – What to bring on a Scuba Holiday?

You just booked your first Scuba Diving Holiday since you started diving. So what do you bring with you for the trip overseas? Well, you’ll pack the usual: clothes, sun lotion, camera, toiletries…those kinds of things of course. And pack in relation to the length of...

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Flying with Dive Equipment: How to Make it Work for You

We’ve previously covered some of the tips and tricks to make travelling for diving easier, and cheaper. In this follow-up, we’ll dive deeper into how to wrangle the airline rules to make sure you don’t end up paying too much for excess weight. With airlines constantly...

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