Rocna Galvanized Anchor

This is a new generation of ultra high holding power anchor and is regarded as the best multi-purpose boat anchor in the world.

The Rocna was designed in 2004 by a New Zealand Cruiser, Peter Smith, after years of tweaks and tests on anchor modifications while completing more than 100,000 nautical miles of ocean cruising.

The roll bar in the integrated design helps turn the anchor over so it can position itself on the seafloor for best setting. It also has setting skids which help keep it in the correct position while sitting on the sea bed. It has a concave fluke that can cut into the seafloor and thereby buying itself efficiently and fast.

The Rocna Galvanized Anchor sets in all types of sea floors. The Rocna has the largest total blade area of 3 blades tested in a comprehensive comparative study – Rocna, Manson Supreme and The Ray.

This anchor type is recommended for boats of all sizes, from small to superyachts.

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