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we’ve rounded up the 15 best pontoon boats in 2021

Pontoon boat Accs

The best pontoon boat accessories you’ll ever need

Inflatable Boats

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Sailing Gloves

We tested the 10 best sailing gloves on the market today

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Boat Paint

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Marine Radio

Best Waterproof Marine Radio in 2021

Marine Binoculars

We’ve tested and researched the top line of binoculars

VHF Marine Radios

The best VHF Marine Radios reviewed and rated.

Wproof Backpacks

The Best Waterproof Backpacks to keep things dry

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We are geeks. We are dedicated and passionate travel geeks, scuba geeks, water sport geeks, boat geeks, ski’n’snowboard geeks, sports geeks – and overall gear geeks.

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Our Boating & Sailing Chief Editor is Bradley Axmith:

I’ve been sailing on the Great Lakes since I was a kid and I spent summers waterskiiing, wakeboarding and fishing too.

Sailing takes up a lot of my life. I have 3 sailboats, including a 72-foot vikingship I built with a group of like-minded mariners.

Bradley Axmith boating & sailing editor

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Reborn Rubber – Product Review

Reborn Rubber – Product Review

Have you ever thought that your useless and old wetsuit can be utilized to make wallets? Yes, you read it right! Reborn rubber is here with the concept of making smart, handy, and compact wallet out of the inept wetsuit and neoprene scraps.

Ears & Diving: Equalize the Right Way

Ears & Diving: Equalize the Right Way

No more bad dives because of your ears! Every diver needs to equalize ear pressure at the beginning of a dive. Many instinctively  know how to make their ears pop to clear them. It doesn't always work though.  Together with DAN Southern Africa & DAN Europe we have...

21 Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness

21 Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness

Don't let Motion Sickness ruin any trip. Seriously, nothing ruins a trip like feeling nausea or throwing up. Thus, most travelers will go along way to avoid spilling their breakfast overboard. But what can you do to avoid getting motion sickness? What really...

Scuba Diving In Hawaii: The Full Dive Travel Review

Scuba Diving In Hawaii: The Full Dive Travel Review

ALOHA SCUBA DIVER! Amazing blue water with a rich marine life and healthy reefs surrounds Hawaii - making it the perfect destination for your next Scuba vacation! Although to a lesser degree than some of the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii generally has a “laid back” vibe...

36 Reasons To Go Diving In The Philippines

36 Reasons To Go Diving In The Philippines

With over 7,000 islands in the country, the Philippine archipelago offers unlimited opportunities for underwater exploration. asked a number of dive centers and underwater photographers to share their photos and thoughts about diving in the country. Are you...

How ocean pollution affects humans [Video + Infographic]

How ocean pollution affects humans [Video + Infographic]

Ocean Pollution has put our oceans at the brink of disaster Every year more than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans, but how does that affect humans and what can we do to stop this behavior? Plastic and other forms of pollution are ending up in our...

Pre-Dive Checklist: Add Fun To Your Safety Check Routine

Pre-Dive Checklist: Add Fun To Your Safety Check Routine

When you are about to dive underwater where your equipment is essentially your life support, there is no such thing as being too cautious. Double checking your equipment and having your buddy check it too may take a few extra minutes, but they are often very worth it....

The Coral Reef: A Diver’s Delight

The Coral Reef: A Diver’s Delight

Divers get to experience beauty unlike anything we will ever see on land. Coral reefs only add to the incredible natural beauty that exists beneath the water, and they are often the most sought out diving spots. With so many coral reefs the world over, it’s often...