A Word From Our Editor

Getting out on the water is a joy not enough people experience. Especially for recreational sailing and boating, it’s much easier than most expect.

In the old days, boating was reserved for the wealthy or the most intrepid and sturdy men. These days, any man, woman and child can safely and easily get out onto a boat. At DIVEIN boating, our aim is to help get people out there and to help those that already have some experience find the best gear and give some good advice.

It should be noted that things happen both at sea and in the marina. Once you realize that you can’t avoid unforeseen complications and that everything can be fixed, there’s little to stress about.

The best way to learn to sail or to experience the world from a boat is to drop any excuses that have stopped you before. Join a sailing or boating club. You’ll make friends, dispel any myths of how dangerous or expensive it is and you’re almost guaranteed to put more wind in your sails.

Good wind!

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Why Trust Us

Our writers include sailors and boaters with decades of experience. Some of them live full-time on their vessels and rely on critical knowledge and experience to keep their craft moving and ahead of any weather fronts.

The mariners who write for DIVEIN include people with different boats and expertise. Some have sailed across the Atlantic a few times, while others just like to cruise. What we all have in common is the knowledge of how to fix simple things and maximize our time at sea.

We know a lot about equipment and we test gear constantly. Based on that, we review based on research, trial and error, and we compare products with a mind for keeping prices down as much as possible.

We love the water and hope you trust that we want to help you get out too.

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