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The island of gods, so well known for the digital nomad community. Bali really became a hot spot for many young expats who wanted a change (or break) from everyday life. And they didn’t choose Bali for nothing. The island is blessed with an amazingly lush tropical nature, and beautiful sandy beaches with coral reefs full of marine life. Beaches in Bali are hotspots of social life and leisure, whether you are looking for relaxation, partying, surfing or diving. 


Bingin Beach – Surfing Hotspot

Located in the southwest of Bali, and overlooking the Indian ocean, this is a very popular beach for surfers. Steady winds from the ocean guarantee a steady influx of good waves. In fact, Bingin Beach is every surfer’s fantasy brought to life – ultimate waves are strong and consistent, so even the professional surfers will satisfy their needs here.

Arriving at the soft white sand can be a bit challenging. There are narrow streets and sharp rocks to cross first, but don’t be discouraged as the prize is well worth it. Ultimately you will see a beautiful stretch of sand and the endless ocean behind it, stretching to the unknown. This could be a great start of your Bali itinerary.


Kuta Beach – Best for Leisure Activities

This is one of the most popular beaches in Bali, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find a place to stretch your beach towel. Beautiful by all means, it is especially popular with Australians, which means a heavy drinking scene. There is a plethora of bars and cafes and pretty much every possible annoying seller trying to make some money from the tourists. This is also a good place for beginners to practice surfing as waves are not wild and soft sandy bottom guarantees your safety. This beach has a strong nightlife scene so if you are looking for a good party place in Bali, you will definitely want to visit here.

If you are looking for more amusement here is a list of Bali beach activities you might want to try. 


Seminyak Beach – Best for Luxury vacation

Topped with luxury resorts overlooking the ocean Seminyak beach is the ultimate luxury destination. You will find many fancy hotel resorts here with the most amazing offer, as well as fancy restaurants and boutiques. Seminyak is also a good surfing spot with quality waves for intermediate to pro surfers.

In the mere vicinity of the waves, you’ll find incredibly stylish dining outlets, fancy villas, luxury spaa, designer shops, and of course beach clubs.  Seminyak has a great offer for visitors and should definitely be included in your itinerary. 


Canggu Beach – Beautiful Panoramic Scenery

Set a bit more North of Seminyak, the Canggu beach is another one of Bali’s pearls. Also, a good spot for beginner or intermediate surfers with nice reefs broken waves. Beaches here are black sand beaches which makes a peculiar contrast to the green rice terraces behind. Like something out of a fantasy, it’s the kind of scenery you won’t be able to find elsewhere. You can also easily find an affordable villa with a private pool in Canggu.

Generally, Canggu is known for being one of the best cities for digital nomads in the world to work and live in. 

Somewhat less overcrowded than other beaches, it is easier to admire the beautiful Bali sunsets from Canggu Beach. Enjoy a nice street food bite from a vendor nearby and watch another day disappear into the horizon.


Sanur Beach – Best for Coastal Ambience

One of the first resort areas in Bali, Sanur is blessed with long sandy beaches that stretch into the shallow lagoon with coral reefs. It has a nice laidback ambiance and it is relatively calm when compared to Kuta for example. This is where the first hotel resorts opened up in Bali, and the entire region has historical significance.  Sanur’s coastline actually extends for 8 kilometers, it connects several beaches with a coastal walk excellent for jogging or walking. If you visit the area don’t miss the Le Mayeur Museum or Bali Seawlaker, which, as the name suggests is literally walking on the ocean floor.


Jimbaran Beach – Best for Authenticity

Beautiful and authentic limestone cliff coastline that has some of the best surfing spots in Bali. It is located in the southwest, close to the airport, so you can relax on the beach while watching airplanes land and take off. Besides the beach itself this is a great spot to watch the sunset in Bali because its west oriented. Seafood lovers will want to try some of the restaurants along the beach that offer fresh seafood. 

As the island’s seafood hub, there’s plenty to chance to taste the catch of the day and enjoy the best Indonesian food

If you are up for a perfect sunrise picture check our recommendation for the best sunrise spots in Bali.


Nusa Dua Beach – Best for Families

On Bali’s southeast, Nusa Dua is an area with amazing beaches and lots of family-oriented hotel resorts. Overlooking the Penida island, these pristine beaches offer lots of leisure activities like swimming and snorkeling. Beaches here are more secluded as they are nestled between expensive resorts. Nusa Dua offers many temples where ceremonies can be observed on certain days and art galleries that have a valuable collection of Asian and Pacific art. 

Don’t miss the water blow site where waves that hit the rocks spark up in the air through a small tunnel-like opening, creating a geyser effect.


Pasir Putih Beach – Best for Instagram

Thanks to its remote location this beach remained pristine and safe from over-tourism. It is also nicknamed, White Sand Beach or Virgin Beach, which speaks enough of the beauty of this place. It lies on the east coast of Bali which is less developed and visited that southwest.

Pasir Putih beach is nestled between two hills in tranquil yet rugged scenery. It can easily be reached by motorbike, from the nearby beach resort of Candidasa, its only 4.5 kilometers distance. In the nearby village don’t miss the beautiful Pura Bale Agung temple.


Amed Beach – Best for Diving

A very well-known location for divers, Amed beach is located on Bali’s northeast side. Bali’s eastern coast is less crowded with tourists so it’s great for exploring the ocean life. It offers amazing reefs, historical shipwrecks, and a plethora of colorful fish that live here. Many diving centers have set their bases here and accommodation is abundant. Ahmad beach has amazing scenery with a volcano in its background, and also the most beautiful sunrise as it faces the east and overlooking the Lombok island. 

Don’t miss a chance to visit the traditional sea salt farms that still operate in the area. 


Padang Padang Beach – Best for 5 Minutes of Fame

On Bali’s south a rather small beach only 100 meters long, and jet amazingly beautiful with excellent surfing conditions. Beach is located under high cliffs and it has a unique entrance, a hole in the rocks after which there are about 100 stars to descend down to the water. After that, you will be rewarded with soft white sand and a blue ocean extending into the endless horizon. There are a lot of surf retails here where you can rent a board, but be careful as it is not recommended for beginners, waves that break on the shallow coral reefs can be dangerous.