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In many ways, a beach is a place both of leisure and luxury. The smell of the ocean air and the sensation of sand between your toes is as appealing as any lounge you’ll ever find. Going to the beach is almost an institution in and of itself, where you can have quality time with the kids, party time with friends and quiet time with your favorite author.

DIVEIN’s love and respect for the sea and unabated attraction to getting outdoors make the beach the logical confluence of all dreams. As our team of writers spends so much time on the sandy strand in different parts of the world, including traveling to resorts and exotic destinations, beach gear is central to this privilege.

Our mandate is about finding great gear. It’s also about finding crappy gear. Because let’s face it, there’s a lot of crappy gear out there! Umbrellas that snap in mild winds, beach blankets that tear after one day or beach chairs that collapse.

We’ll find the gear that makes your day at the beach better, equipment that won’t get thrown into the growing cemetery of junk items.

George Kakas

After finishing his military service and becoming a Divemaster in 2014, George joined a research team in the Indonesian and Indian Oceans carrying out field research on their coral reef ecosystems. After completing a BSc in Oceanography and Sustainability he joined DIVEIN to share his passion for the water. When he’s not testing gear and writing about it, he’s carrying out drills and search and rescues with the RNLI out of Brighton.

George Editor Divein
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Why Trust Us

Our dedicated group of writers test and research the products we review as much as possible. We rely on our experience testing, both as writers and as semi-residents of beaches.

Our staff of writers and freelancers include lifeguards, beach bloggers from California, divemasters and people with kids. Our approach to using equipment intended to protect from the sun is the same as the one we use when considering our families.

We are all avid swimmers with respect for the sea and our beach editor holds a degree in Oceanography and Sustainability too.

You can see how our reviews compare and contrast the products we write about, giving you an honest appraisal of how a product works and seeing its value compared to alternative items.

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