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Diving in Barbados coastline

Diving in Barbados with sponges in shark reef

Barbados is the perfect destination for a memorable scuba diving experience, surrounded by barrier reefs and strewn with numerous shipwrecks.

It is an island in the western area of the North Atlantic and is located 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of the Caribbean Sea.

Diving in Barbados

The vast coastline and ideal weather and water conditions makes Barbados one of the world’s leading dive destinations.

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With an incredible assortment of underwater species, Barbados clearly is a magnificent setting full of marine wonders and exciting dive opportunities.

  • Collections of surrounding vibrant coral reefs create many scuba attractions.
  • Two barrier reefs provide a number of dive sites taking you to a different dimension.
  • Hundreds of shipwrecks exists with several located in the northern part of Barbados & are easily accessible, even to beginner divers.
  • Encounters with numerous hawksbill and leatherback turtles are likely to occur diving along Barbados’ inshore reefs.
  • Divers can explore Barbados’ calm seas and appreciate the beauty of the underwater world all they want, day and night, with fluorescence night diving in the Eastern Caribbean.
  • Divers can dive Barbados year round with an excellent water visibility of up to 25 meters (80 feet) and consistent water temperatures between 21-27°C (70-80°F).
Diving in barbados with peacock cyclids

Peacock cyclids and other fish swimming up the reef in Barbados - Credit: Bcampbell65

Dive Sites

With its numerous sunken artifacts and wrecks, impressive coral architecture, and wonderful profusion of fish life, Barbados promises every diver an unforgettable scuba diving experience that can be captured from these 7 topnotch dive sites:

Carlisle Bay - situated in the capital of Barbados and the most accessible dive site on the island. Carlisle Bay has an enormous collection of shipwrecks. The Bajan Queen which sank in 2002, is a must see for divers.

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Folkestone Marine Park - its main attraction is the famous Greek freighter Stavronikita (The Stav). Folkestone Marine Park is popular for its marine animals including the giant sand eels, barracudas, and snappers. Folkestone Marine Park is also an excellent place to do some underwater photography.

North Point Light House – is for the advanced diver looking for a peaceful experience. North Pointe Light House has impressive water visibility with various depths. Divers will see schools of barracudas and spectacular scenery of vibrant coral reefs.

Diving in Barbados at the Berwyn wreck

School of fish at the back of the wreck of the Berwyn in Carlisle Bay - Credit: Bcampbell65

Bright Ledge – is a place for shallow dives with spectacular attractions. Beginning divers will surely love Bright Ledge for its remarkable blend of fish such as moray eels, nurse sharks, and manta rays. This dive site also is packed with barracudas and endangered hawksbill turtles.

Spawnee - guarantees wonderful sights of unique marine plants and wildlife for new divers. Spawnee is a shallow dive site but gives divers the feeling of actually doing a deeper dive. Spawnee’s remarkable condition of its reefs is home to the Caribbean reef squid and numerous trumpet fish.

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Bell Buoy - located on the west coast of Barbados. Divers admire Bell Buoy’s captivating brown coral fields and exciting marine life. Found in the tiny cracks and crevices of this huge underwater forest are numerous schools of fish including barracudas and sea turtles.

Maycocks Bay – corridors of white sand divide this reef system. This dive spot puts you face to face with a countless number of fish species including rays, barracudas, parrotfish, creole wrasses, and triggerfish. This dive site is also visited for its outstanding coral and barrel sponge formations.

Diving in Barbados with reef squid

School of Caribbean Reef Squid hovering over a tropical coral reef - Credit: Stubblefield Photography

Knowing More About Barbados:

Barbados is definitely a paradise island from sunrise to sundown.

Check out and enjoy:

  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve
  • Andromeda Botanic Gardens
  • The sports bar, nightclubs, and theaters

Barbados also greets its visitors with its distilled spirits and lighthearted nightlife. In addition, there are numerous other tourist activities making it the perfect vacation destination. As the moon takes over, the atmosphere of absolute pleasure will definitely begin to spread making you feel like you are living life to the fullest in Barbados.