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Able Carry Daily Backpack

The Able Carry Daily Backpack is an interesting bag that has an urban tactical feel to it.

This sleek 20-liter work backpack is a compact storage ideal for your everyday use. You might see it as plain, simple, and boring, but that’ll change as soon as you open it up.

Figuring out the right bag for your style, purpose and needs is beset by too many options. After testing this bag for a couple of weeks it seems this one is intended for commuting, for students, for bikers, for low-profile activities and for speed.

We’ll get to how well it functioned for us, but it was refreshing to see such a streamlined product in a crowded field.

Looks like a good gambit for your daily shenanigans, right?

But does it live up to its promises? Let’s dive into it.

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Reasons to buy

  • Thick where it needs to be, compact the way we want it to be
  • Sleek minimalist look
  • Two external pockets for anti-theft and easy access
  • Many daisy-chain options
  • There are zipper stows for additional security
  • Stiff, armor-like build
  • Elastic keepers keep excess straps out of the way

Reasons NOT to buy

  • Even for a 20 liter bag, it seems small

An Urban Warrior Pack

The first impression of this bag is that it could be intended for combat. Riding a bike during rush hour could be the theater of conflict. And it does well in this capacity.

We’ve been using this bag for the the daily commute for a few weeks now and enjoying it.

The thick handles feel robust, the shoulder straps and back padding provide comfort and the two outer and one inner pocket give you options for organization and security.

In short, this is a fine tactical backpack for everyday use. But we also tested its use as a birding bag and dayhiker. With the daisy-chains for multiple options–be it binos or water bottles–the Able Carry proved a good minimalist take on something that most new companies interpret with an overabundance of features.

The Able Carry Daily Backpack is worth buying if you don’t mind the lack of a water bottle pocket, the minimum size, and the semi-big price tag.

Able Carry Daily Backpack Urban Warrior Pack

Comfortable Modern Design

Let’s talk about Able Carry Daily Backpack’s sleek design. Classic A-frame, supported by the strap that winds around the entire base of the bag. It helps keep your work backpack sag-free. This webbing can also double as your water bottle carrier. Just clip yours with a carabiner, and you’re good to go (plus, you save space for other valuables)!

It’s an edge that Able Carry Daily Backpack has over its competitors. Look at HEIMPLANET Motion Arc Rucksack and Harber London Classic Rucksack. Both do not have a water bottle holder as well, with no option to attach one outside. But for built-in water bottle holders on the sides, see The North Face Borealis Backpack.

The A-frame design also helps reduce the weight off of your shoulders. Now, pair that with padded shoulder straps and 3D molded back padding for a comfy fit. The 3D padding allows air to circulate even while you’re wearing this Able Carry work backpack. You need to take advantage of this one if you sweat a lot or plan to travel during the summer season.

Able Carry Daily Backpack Comfortable Modern Design

Yes, there’s a sternum strap in this work backpack model. But mind you that it might not fit you if you have a big frame. The belt runs too short. You probably won’t use it anyways, given its 20-liter capacity. Hide it inside the welt when not in use. This work backpack also owns elastic keepers. Keep any excess strap out of your way, giving it a clean look.

If its structured back padding doesn’t interest you, you can remove it! You’ll find its opening with Velcro tape inside the main compartment. Just open it, and slip the foam out, and it’s finished.

There are no missing Able Carry Daily Backpack features. Take your keys from the front pocket easily using the clip. There’s also an elastic material on both sides near the zipper ends of the main compartment. You can lock the zipper pulls here to secure your items. If you focus on security above all else, you might also want to check out Stubble and Co The Roll Top.

Are you still confused? Drop at our comprehensive list for some clarity.

Able Carry Daily Backpack Comfortable Modern Design

Able Carry Daily Backpack: Key Specifications

  • Best for: Everyday commute to work, especially if you're using a bike.
  • Material: X-Pac X51 Fabric/Cordura 1000D Nylon, Polyethylene, YKK Zippers, Hardware from Duraflex
  • Volume: 20 liters
  • Dimension: 48” x 28” 19”
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs.

Where to Buy:

Tip-Top Organization

You stay organized using this 20-liter work backpack from Able Carry. It offers six pockets scattered in two compartments. Keep your personal belongings safe and keep your bag clutter-free.

Main Compartment:
Upon opening the main compartment, there’s a zipped pocket and a small open one in the flap. Since the zipped pocket is two times bigger, your selfie stick won’t have trouble fitting in. You can place your iPhone 12 Pro Max (or whatever mobile device) and wireless earphones in the small pocket.

Over-stuffing these pockets of the work backpack with bulky items is no good. It will compromise what you can put in the medium-sized front compartment. Since the flap they’re attached to is flimsy, it droops down. Mind you that their lining fabric is thin as well.

On the other side, there’s a zipped mesh pocket. It’s way different from the slouchy build we just discussed. It’s sturdier since it’s attached to the back section of Able Carry Daily Backpack.

Able Carry Daily Backpack Main Compartment

It’s a great place to keep any of your techie gear: powerbank, charging cables, and adaptors. Your Aurosports Folding Binoculars alone can stay put here.

Behind the zipped mesh pocket sits the laptop sleeve that can accommodate up to 15 inches units. It comes with a floating system. Meaning, the bottom of the sleeve doesn’t touch the base of this work backpack. It’ll protect your laptop during accidental drops, but it’s not the best in town.

Searching for extra safety for your laptop? Take a peek at AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack. Both the front and back of its laptop sleeve have foam pads.

Alternatively, the laptop sleeve can also keep your documents crumple-free.

The remaining space in the main compartment can accommodate your favorite sweater and a few shirts.

Able Carry Daily Backpack Main Compartment

Medium-Sized Front Compartment:

The front compartment of this work backpack from Able Carry has vertical zip. It can risk spilling your things if you’re not careful. But, this is also strategically designed for easy access. Just remove one strap off of your shoulder, swing your backpack to your front, and voila! You have the front compartment with a horizontal zip.

There are no inner pockets here. So everything you throw inside tends to scramble up. Although there’s a key leash so you can grab them when needed. It is the best place for your water bottle as well. Or, slip your hand sanitizer, a small pack of tissue, and some change.

If you want organization, you can use a 1-liter dual-pocket fanny pack.

Able Carry Daily Backpack Medium-Sized Front Compartment

Zipped Top Pocket

Not your typical top pockets where the opening is literally on the top or front Osprey FarPoint Travel Pack Carry-On 40. Able Carry Daily Backpack’s top compartment rests against your back.

It creates a safer space for your wallet and passport. Although, it would be better to keep those inside the main compartment’s zippered mesh pocket.

But that simple tweak in design keeps your items out of the wrong people’s sight and reach. So that’s nice.

Able Carry Daily Backpack Zipped Top Pocket


One thing that we appreciate about Able Carry Daily Backpack is its sleek and low-profile look. As of this writing, you can choose from two different colors: black and olive. Now, depending on what color you choose, the fabric varies.

The black option used X-Pac X51 fabric. It’s a material with an X-grid pattern, which maximizes the waterproofing capacity of the fabric. There’s also a touch of 500D Cordura Nylon on the surface for more strength.

Now, we mentioned waterproof there. But this work backpack from Able Carry isn’t waterproof. But imagine the combination of polyester and nylon with a layer of Durable Water Repellent. You get a bag with high water-resistant properties.

If you’ll be facing heavy monsoon rains on your journey, it’s best to opt for waterproof backpacks.

The olive variation used Cordura 1000D nylon. It found the sweet spot between flexibility and toughness. This material is scratch-resistant and, still, coated with DWR for extra protection.

Between the two work backpacks, the black one can keep out drizzles better.

Able Carry trusts the world’s leading zipper brand with their bags, YKK. It’s a no-brainer. If you don’t believe in the quality of their zips (molded by the experience since 1934), you need to leave your underground bunker.

Able Carry Daily Backpack Construction

Buy this everyday backpack if:

It is the right work backpack for you if you use a bicycle all the time. With the external leash so you can attach your bike locks. With the compact design, hitting a hump or a bumpy road is no-problemo. It can withstand light showers in case you get caught on the way as well.

Able Carry Daily Backpack is also a must-have if you like keeping your items tucked away. There’s very minimal detail, color-neutral, even the front pocket is out of plain sight.

Able Carry Daily Backpack Buy


Able Carry Daily Backpack is one of the best everyday companions out there. With a solid build and well-organized pockets, you stay stress-free.

It’s a steal if you’re someone who loves a low-profile. The neutral colors can blend with any occasion. Add the discreteness of the pockets, meaning no attention-seeking from ill-minded people.

Pack up your essentials across five pockets. Plus, a designated laptop sleeve that can accommodate models up to 16 inches.

The overall comfortable feel is a plus, especially if you’re someone who bikes your way to the office. Very compact, no sagging, breathable back padding, and follows your movements. The side hooks will work well for your bike locks.

Able Carry Daily Backpack has support straps throughout the base. It helps cut bagginess once loaded. Add thick shoulder straps and 3D foam padded back for ultimate comfort.

Able Carry Daily Backpack Summary

This webbing strap can also fit your bike lock, with zipper stows on zipper ends. That dual-functionality is something worth checking out.

It might not be an ideal work backpack if you’re someone who needs a water bottle or umbrella on a snatch. There are no side pockets as holders.

Given its build and capacity, for roughly $160, Able Carry Daily Backpack is a bit of a ripoff. With almost the same quality, cheaper options like AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack and The North Face Borealis Backpacks might interest you.

But if you’re all about the functional yet sleek low-profile design, this 20-liter work backpack from Able Carry is a good fit for you!

See the complete list of the best Travel Backpacks here!

What We Like

  • Thick where it needs to be, compact the way we want it to be
  • Sleek minimalist look
  • Two external pockets for anti-theft and easy access
  • Many daisy-chain options
  • There are zipper stows for additional security
  • Stiff, armor-like build
  • Elastic keepers keep excess straps out of the way

What We Don’t Like

  • Even for a 20 liter bag, it seems small

Where to Buy:

Where to Buy:

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Able Carry Daily Backpack

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    How do I clean my Able Carry Daily Backpack?

    Keep your work backpack in the best condition through spot cleaning. Like most bags, machine wash and dry cleaning can damage the overall quality of your pack.

    Using mild soap and a piece of soft fabric, gently rub the area in a circular motion. Remember that Able Carry Daily Backpack has DWR (durable water repellent). It can wear thin and disappear over time and repeated cleaning. It’s better to apply DWR from time to time to keep its water-resistant properties at best.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Can I remove the foam padding at the back?


    You’ll find the Velcro opening inside the main compartment. But why remove it anyway? The 3D foam padding adds not only sturdiness to the work backpack, but the breathability it provides is vital for your overall comfort.


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