Hunter Bierce

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Consummate amateur and true master of none, Hunter specializes in throwing himself in over his head and figuring it out along the way. Beginning his career as a PADI-certified scuba instructor at 19, he soon crawled his way onto land and discovered a love for mountains, culminating in 2016 with a hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.

While finishing a BA in Creative Writing at the University of Washington, Hunter picked up climbing, trail running, and skiing. He then spent 9 months leading youth and adult conservation corps crews in Washington’s national parks.

With an odd 30 days of skiing under his belt, he moved to Crested Butte to teach 4-year-olds the finer points of the wedge turn, earning the distinction of 2018-19 “Rookie Instructor of the Year.” Spending summers teaching youth how to climb granite friction slabs and weaseling his way into empty seats on whitewater rafts, Hunter started learning the basics of backcountry skiing on the stable summer snowpack.

He continues chasing certification, furthering his formal training to make better decisions and have more fun outside.

Now located in Bellingham, Washington- Hunter spends his time riding in the North Cascades, running in the Chuckanuts, reading Michael Moorcock, and searching out obscure 90s death metal releases. You can read his seldom updated, fiercely beloved outdoor blog at

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