Christos Nicolaou

Editor at

Hailing from the island of Cyprus, Christos could swim before he could walk. He found his passion for water sports with scuba diving at 15 and has ever since been interested in water sports. As a Divemaster, Christos has over 200 dives in Mediterranean and Caribbean waters.

Christos spent his high school years living in Portugal, where he became an experienced surfer. He also learned kite surfing in Morocco and is always on the lookout for opportunities to try new water sports.

After moving to Spain, Christos picked up paddle boarding and became an amateur SUP racer who currently loves to race his SUP on the weekend. He also enjoys adventuring by kayak, especially on longer excursions. Due to this, Christos is our expert on all things paddle, especially SUPs and kayaks.

Most recently Christos has developed a passion for electric surfboards.

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