Caroline Hamp

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A lifelong competitive swimmer and recently avid Alaskan adventurer, Caroline is finding the courage to dip her toes into glacial waters.

Caroline graduated as an English and Religion double major from a small liberal arts college in the mountains of Virginia. While living in the Shenandoah Valley, her interest in outdoor ventures took hold. She moved to Alaska six years ago, and her adventurous spirit has only grown. She spends her days hiking in all weather, kayaking in glacial waters, foraging for delectable treats, and avoiding brown bears.

As a competitive swimmer for nearly two decades, Caroline knows her way around swim gear and swimwear. She has tried all the trends, from layering brightly-patterned swimsuits during taper to changing goggle preferences like the tides. Although she doesn’t compete as often these days, she still races against the clock at her local pool.

Her passions include water sports and writing, and she is thrilled to combine the two in her work for DIVEIN.

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