Diving In Malaysia

Malaysia in a Nutshell: The Golden Peninsula With 11 states in the Malayan peninsula, and Sabah and Sarawak in the island of Borneo, Malaysia is known to be a diverse melting pot of various racial groups with residents comprised of 57% Malay. The remaining percentage of its population is composed of Chinese, Indian and several other ethnic groups. Malaysia ranks 43rd in the most populous nation with a total population of 28 million and is ranked 66th in the largest countries in the world with a land area of 329,847 km2. It is located to the east of Thailand...

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SMB And DSMB: Identifying Your Marker Buoys

SMB or DSMB is short for Surface Marker Buoy or Delayed Surface Marker Buoy. Searching around the internet I found a lot of different opinions on this subject. All agree that it’s a surface marker, and that DSMB is deployed underwater. But an SMB can either be a big round buoy dragged in a line during the whole dive or a long inflatable tube used by divers to get visual attention. Here's Safer Diving: Situational Awareness. SMB’s are also often used to mark your position on the safety stop. You deploy your inflated tube from 5 meters so boats don’t...

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Dive Photo Guide: Be Creative

Taking a photo is as simple as clicking a button on a camera with a target object in range. However, creating a beautiful photo is all about being creative, and extraordinary underwater photography is an art to be mastered. Many scuba divers aspire to achieve that creative skill in underwater photography. You can master the art by remembering a few technical and artistic aspects while photo diving. What are they? Let’s take a look. Panning and Shutter Speed Panning is referred to as the horizontal movement of the camera while taking a picture. While scuba diving we generally take photos of...

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Solo Diving: Would You?

It was not until 1999 that solo diving was formally entered into the certification roll by SDI. Although PADI, NAUI and other agencies have not included this type of diving certificate until now, solo diving has slowly gained acceptance among diving enthusiasts around the world.   Obviously, it is one of the most debated topics in the diving community. What is solo diving? Should PADI or NAUI sanction solo diving? What does SDI require for you to be considered for a solo diver course? Solo Diving Defined The British Sub-Aqua Club defines solo diving as the “Plan to conduct...

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