Dive Equipment 101

New to diving and bit unsure about all the new dive equipment? Here is DIVE.in’s Equipment 101 where we tell you all about the scuba gear and what you need to know. We have separated the articles into smaller bits, concentrating on one main theme. Here you’ll find a quick summary of the equipment. A quick link is given next to each piece of equipment so you can check each one out in more detail. Here's a guide on When to Buy What Piece of Dive Gear BCD The BCD, also called BC, stands for Buoyancy Control Device or Buoyancy Compensator. It’s the vest...

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Shark Fin Soup – Let’s Stop it Worldwide

The world's population of Sharks has decreased 50% in the past 15 year. And the main reason? Yes, you guessed right - shark finning is to blame. While Shark fins them self has are almost tasteless they are still a popular in the Chinese cuisine. Learn What is Shark fin Soup? The problem and controversies is how the fins are usually cut from living sharks that are then thrown back into the ocean where they die slowly. The shark meat itself is not used for anything and is therefore at no value for the fishermen. Gordon Ramsay eats Shark Fin Soup What do...

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Become a writer for DIVE.in – Write a Guest post

DIVE.in is one of the largest travel blogs in the Scuba industry - and we're always looking for guest post writers. If you have a great dive story you want to share or have expert knowledge to share with our readers, send us your article or article pitch. If your article is published, you will: Become a celebrity in the Diving community Spread your knowledge of diving Get a writer's Bio on DIVE.in Before you make your contribution, please follow our guidelines for writing articles to DIVE.in. We want you if you are: Divemaster, dive instructor or working with...

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