Pre-Dive Checklist: Add Fun To Your Safety Check Routine

When you are about to dive underwater where your equipment is essentially your life support, there is no such thing as being too cautious.  Double checking your equipment and having your buddy check it too may take a few extra minutes, but they are often very worth it. Obviously, you want to discover any equipment issues before you are underwater. Even the most basic things can be overlooked when caught up in the excitement of the impending dive. You don't want a buddy who meets Mr. Reaper due to a silly mistake. That’s why it really helps to have...

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Going Pro: How To Become A Dive Master

Taking scuba diving from a passion sport to one that makes money can seem like a thrilling prospect. The sport you love can become a career or you can learn even more about the activity that you enjoy. One way to accomplish this is through the divemaster certification training program. The following information explains just what this certification program is, why it should be considered, and just what to expect when venturing into it. What Is It A Dive Master? Before you seek the requirements to becoming a divemaster, you may wonder just what this certification entails and what...

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Scuba Diving Mask – What To Look For When Buying A Mask

A scuba mask is a vital piece of equipment when you are diving. It is important that you ensure it not only fits properly but is equalized and defogged. Scuba masks are often constructed from silicon and tempered glass so that they can withstand being under water. Scuba masks are unique in their design and will not break, fog, or scratch easily. For your complete guide, here's Dive Equipment 101. When you are looking for a scuba mask you should consider the following: Basic Needs The most basic thing you want in a scuba diving mask is the ability to see. You...

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Seasickness and Scuba Diving

Seasickness is something that most of us have heard of but may not fully understand. All we know is that we would like to avoid it if at all possible. It is no fun to have but is a natural response to the situation that we put ourselves through. This can be extremely frustrating, however, when doing dive travel on a boat or heading into the water for a nice scuba diving trip. The following explains more about just what this sickness is and where it comes from. Further, some remedies are also discussed regarding this frustrating condition. What...

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Underwater Communication – A Guide to Hand Signals

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot more hand signals than only those involving the thumb; or the middle finger. When you are underwater, talking is not an option and your dive buddy may not understand what your frantic flailing and waving means. That’s why it helps to have a set method of communication that everyone is familiar with and understands. Because safety is a major concern while diving, lines of communication must be clear so that everyone can help ensure that everyone else has a safe and fun dive. While there are a number of different hand...

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Become A Dive Pro: The Zero To Hero Program

For those who want to become a certified divemaster but do not have a great deal of time to complete the task and training, there is still an option available to you.  If you are a newbie who wants to learn quickly but are not sure how to become a divemaster without experience, there is an option for you as well. Becoming a divemaster does not have to be a missed dream or a title that you will never have. Learn more about those Living The Dream. Instead, a program has been developed for individuals who do not have the...

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