Volunteer Divers Cleaning Up After Japan’s 2011 Tsunami

We all remember when the Tsunami washed across Japan. Killing thousands and leaving even more people homeless. Now what does this has to do with diving? Well, besides the huge effect the Tsunami had on our marine environment there’s something you can do as a diver. Bonnie Waycott went on a voluntary dive in the Japan and here she'll show you the effects of nature and how you can help the divers of Japan: Three and a half years since the March 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, and hardly a day goes by in Japan without some mention of the disaster....

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Diving in Ishigaki Island: Japanese Scuba Paradise

Ishigaki Island is where my diving adventures in Japan began. What's so special about this place is not just the crystal clear blue water and picture perfect tropical reef. It’s also the graceful manta ray that has one of the most visually striking appearances of any large marine animal. Every year loads of divers head to Ishigaki Island just to see these harmless giants up close. 2000 kilometres south of Tokyo, Ishigaki Island is a heavenly retreat for those wishing to escape the big city for a few days.  It's a chance to unwind by gliding over the reef with...

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Diving in Japan: The full guide to diving in Japan

Scuba diving in Japan? Japan is known for kimonos and sushi, not for scuba diving. It’s often overlooked in favor of more popular dive destinations like Thailand or the Philippines. But take a moment to explore Japan's waters and you'll be surprised. With a bit of research and patience, ice diving, tropical diving and a huge range of marine life are all within easy reach for visitors and residents of Japan. General info about Japan & diving there Because Japan is an archipelagic country with islands covering over 3,000km, there is a huge difference in water temperature between north and south. Northern...

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