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Time Concepts (TC) has been developing watches for more than a decade and its owners for more than 3 decades.

They manufacture watches in Europe (Switzerland) and Asia (China), and have relationships with several factories in both locales, having worked in both regions for many years. After many years of working with various factories in both Switzerland and China, they now have superlative manufacturers of watches with whom they work today. They pay particular attention to the way our watches are manufactured and produced.

Over the years, they’ve observed many brands that tout themselves as Swiss Made as if this was the most important aspect of how a watch is manufactured but they’ve come to realize it’s not where they are made, but rather how they are made that matters most. Since components for most Swiss Made watches are made in China, imported to Switzerland, assembled in Switzerland with a Swiss movement, and then defined as Swiss Made, the big differences from one watch to another is the quality of the components, the quality of the assembly facility itself, and attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

Their Swiss Made watches are made in this same manner, but they do not believe this process necessarily makes them any better made than an Asia Made watch IF it is made the right way, and uses high-quality components.

Meet the collection:

Hawaiian Lifeguard Dive Series


It could be said that Hawaii holds the key to world peace … it’s called the spirit of aloha, which encompasses the charm, warmth, and sincerity of the Hawaiian people.

Aloha is more than a word of greeting or farewell or a salutation. Aloha means a mutual regard and affection and extends warmth in caring with no obligation in return. Aloha is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to every other person for collective existence. Aloha means to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen, and to know the unknowable.

The aloha spirit of Hawaii is alive and well in the work done by the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association in their daily efforts to ensure the safety of those in the ocean.

A percentage of the proceeds of every watch sale will be given back to the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association to support the great work done daily in the “spirit of aloha” by this outstanding organization to help ensure public safety.